C.H.M.S Students Bully Video!!!

See this video... this happen in the Chung Hwa Middle School in Bandar one. The 2 idiots senior  came  and bully the junior in the toilet. Some how they other gang taking video and show how they bully him. How come no one there stopping them and yet laughing there some more and think it is so funny!

   This video posted in the Facebook and Youtube. I received a mail that they want me to help the kids. This kind of bully thing should stop happen in the school. People parents sending they children to school is to study not bully by you this 2 evil devil! Stop thinking bully people children are fun and cool! By looking this video we can tell you are a bad boy in school liao.

 The Chung Hwa School Teachers, Discipline Master and the School Head Master.... You all should take responsibility about this incidents. And give a reply to the public about this situation. If that is my boy kana bully in the school like that you think I still want to send my children to study there??? Of coz NO WAY!!!!!

And those Auntie and Uncle who send your children to school don't expected that they are a Good Boy or Good Girl one..... maybe you children are the next Victim there!

This is the moment the senior punched the junior stomach and from here he started to cry! So pity him and no one help him. I can understand how he felt that the HOPELESS.
But now I sure the JUSTICE is on you side now boy!!!!