Sungkai Buffet With Zek!!!

Me having Sungkai Buffet at the Holiday Lounge together with the Brunei's new born celebrity Zek!
Of coz not only me and he lah.... you think we atu kah!!! We both Banar banar banar Straight one la Ok!!! banar banar Se.....banar!!!
Special thanks to Rano invite me for the dinner and treated we all me , Zek, Kurapak, NKP and two more I don't remember your name(sorry)  a wonderful dinner! 
FYI Zek is happy with his life now some more better then last time! So what's the next move for Zek? For me to know and for you to find out la!
There is more coverage story and video for the dinner! Just wait and see la! I have to wait for Mr.Kurapak to upload 1st then baru can show you guys la! Or maybe you can check out Rano site maybe he got update for this already!!!
By the way... Zek! Welcome to the club and I'm sure one day you'll gonna used to it when people ask you " Are You...... si Zek Right?????heheheh  but I'm not sure are they gonna tell you that they are your Princess of The Earth or not la!!!!