Balik Kampong@ 1st Day Puasa

Went back to the kampong and get some Durian yesterday. But too bad is wasn't that much drop....
I think maybe is because got some people came to curi-curi sudah also last 2 weeks there is a heavy rain and winds blow until the Durian tree brunch sampai putus haiya... really sayang man. And then when I on the way back to bandar that time also I pass by Tutong town and visit the Tutong Gerai Ramadan Tutong. So many people there and foods to buy. I spent 10 minute there and left coz is too smoky already worry that my daughter cannot tahan. 

On the way walk down to the Durian Farm.

As you can see there the arrow pointing that's is the brunch which is putus one lo. Sayang right? 

This is what I got. Taste Excellency.....

So this is the Tutong Gerai la..... 

People Mountain People Sea( which mean many people the mountain and the sea)

Just wondering if they did not sell it all what are they going to do with it!!! Kalau buang sayang tu

I bough this cucur pisang. This is one of my choice. 

See..... this is one of the 3Rs too. Reuse-Reduce and Recycle.
As broken bathtub make into a BBQ set. Isn't it a good idea?