The X Factor Auditions - Harry Abu Anak Brunei...Yahoo!!!!!

Updated at 10:45pm 01.09.10

Click here to read the article from the are the update info from some of the reader. I received some mail and msg form them mostly are from his friends and ex-colleagues. As far as I know now is Harry Hj Abu is from Mumong KB and he is the number seven of 10 siblings. Work with the Royal Brunei Airline as a Air Steward before. And now he has immigrated to Australia few years ago and now worked as a waiter in one of the restaurant there. Back to 2003/04 he also joined the Kristal Fm competition too. 
 So far this is the info I got. If you have any latest news I hope you don't mind to share with me here!   

A new born celebrity from Brunei!!!
Wait!!! What I mean that he is a Bruneian but now famous in Australia 
Guys...... anyone of you how know this man??? Harry Abu from Brunei and I heard one of my friend from Canada that he said Harry worked as a air steward before ( don't know sure or not lah ) and some say he is from Kuala Belait resident. But what I'm sure now is he work as a waiter in Australia. So anyone of you who know him? please share some of his info with me in the chat box.Ok!!!

He joined one of the famous Australia Tv show called "THE X FACTOR" 
He handsome....but too bad he is a Gay!!! I'm not anti gay Ok I do have some "members" friends but it just that I think so sayang lo, such a handsome man why not give a chance to some girls!!!
In the video there you also can see his partner an OZ Orang Putih la tears for him on the spot and me also touching of his performer !!! 
Anyway all I want to mention is his talent. He really sing very good in the audition. See the video below and watch how good is he!!! I so proud of him and now we have another celebrity again after the Prince of the Earth "Zek"
Good luck Harry!!!! wish you can entry to the final.... We all support you here!!!!
Click here to the read the articles from the Yahoo!7tv.

Sunday Flower Market

Infect this flower market is not open on Sunday only but also Friday what I mean is I went there with my family in Sunday la!! This is the biggest weekend flower market in Brunei. Is worth to visit there even you are not buying any flower, just go there walk walk see see also not bad. But I suggest you go there early in the morning la so at least not that hot ma right. Then if you are like to taking picture one this place also not bad for you. Like me using normal digital cam come out the picture also not bad too, of coz not like those people using the pro digital cam la! This flower market start at morning until 12pm. Not for whole day one... coz afternoon too hot sudah!!! Flower no die the person also die there la!!! Brunei do hot in the afternoon how to tahan o right!!!
One more thing there not only selling flower only but also some baby fruits tree. Durian, Rambutan, Papaya, Lame, Langsat, Tampui and macam macam lagi!!! So if you next sunday got nothing to do or after breakfast with your family why not try to visit here for a really not bad!!! 

Not a pro camera but also not bad with the image...hehehe steady kan???

Have you ever see this Black Chili... I never try it so don't know will hot like lava or not la!!!

The real Orchid Garden!!! Not like the one hotel at Berakas one... I don't see any orchid there pun!!!

FYI she is not my wife!

I told my mom that I want to buy it all and hang around our house but my mother say this kind of flower easy to die one.. not tahan one so no jadi buy!!! But it does really nice look wah right!!!

Wanna grows some fruits in your garden, come here to choose it macam macam ada!!

And this is my wife with my daughter and she started sleepy liao!!!

Don't Left Turn!!!

Not kidding one... is really really ba ba ba banar really smelly when we almost go to the meat section there. Me, My sister and her daughter really can't stand the smell there. We spend less then 2 minute in there and straight away move back into our car. During in the car I do got few times feel want to vomit. I'm not kidding. Just wondering how their staff can stand the smell and can work for the whole days!!!

Still don't get it which supermarket I go kah? The one just open at Kiulap one la!!! After we having breakfast at Yappy Koditiam my Mom want to do some glossary, so ngam ngam there is a new supermarket just open that area. 
Once we parked our car in front of it -< nothing happen >- Then when we entry the stall the time - < still nothing > - But when we turn left then time - < mmmm... something happen > - Slowly slowly I smell something strange- < Start getting wrong and I tot someone fart > - Sekali I hear my niece say "Mami... Bau"
then I realize everything is too late! We are entering to 3rd world already. Straight away move back to our car and no mood to do shopping anymore. But my wife and mother steady la.... they can tahan in there for 15 minutes. I salute to both of you!!!
 I wondering what kind of smell is that... is really really bad, my sister said the smell maybe comes from the vege that which is rotten for quit sometime one. But I think maybe is the meat's bloods and the ice water mixture lah.... like dry already on the floor and didn't mod like that lo.

In the Gadong wet market there is smelly too but still I can stand it and understand their situation. But this one is just baru open and yet is indoor got aircon lagi!!! Omg this is really un-acceptable... I guess next time I just go back to the one at Kg Rimba one lagi better! Is big and clean again!!!

Another Youtube's New Born Lips Sing Celebrity 

This Bungal Boys remind me back to 4 years ago in China there is a China Backstreet Boys. 
Both of them also do the same things they post they lips sing video in youtube and turn famous really really fast. But of coz the Bungal Boys want that good looking as the China Backstreet Boys lah and some how the CBSB now have their own album too. 
If I'm not mistaken in Malaysia aslo have 2 young boy doing the same things too but too bad I don't remember what is their group name already and too bad I can't located their video again. ( if some one know please let me know) Same things their video very funny one. I remember one of their video in the middle of the sing their mother or grandmother has passing by wear a sarong. Not sure have they become the Malaysia celebrity or not la! Anyway..... if some of you would like to do the same thing in Brunei here I don't mind to put your video in my blog. Putting your video here to publish I think is more faster then you harap someone see you one youtube channel. Unless you share in to with facebook la!!! 

The Bungal Boys from Philippine 

The China Backstreet Boys 1st Youtube Video.

Yappy's Kolomee

When to Kiulap this morning together with my family, this is all my sister idea la she said the Yappy Kopitiam foods there are not bad. Ya lah... the foods are not bad but it just to slow to serve only. It take 10 minute to arrived on my table, if there is a lot of customer of full house and I can understand with forgive but you look at the picture below include us only 4 tables of customer. Somehow their foods already been serve before to sit down. 
Anyway for me "waiting" is not a big issue the most important thing is the food must come!
Apparently the Kolomee not bad but is just tooooo waterly! Can eat pulang.... but is not my type la. I'll not put him in my list la. Maybe some of you would like it lo same as my mom too, she said she ok with it!
FYI they not serving pork here but still you can see the sign there say "Foods Not For Muslims"
This is something like the Thien Thien Chicken Rice one la... coz the chef is a not muslim.

They serve mince chicken and fish cake on their kolomee.

Classic Chairs mix with the Modern Design, Nice combination.

Yappy Kopitiam which is next to the Kiulap brunch Baiduri Bank.

Gaya, Gaya....banar banar... Zek Zek!!!

Hot Hot Open, Hot Hot Eat!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!
 Now we got new place to go makan again. Ya la I know you people sure think that
 "Wa..... Excapada got new brunch again ka!!!" Yes now total they have six outlet already!!!
 haiya.... don't play play man of coz have to thanks for the public to so supporting them la! 

But this time the new brunch is total different like the other 5. This new Excapade not only serve Sushi or Sashimi saja.... they are also specialist serve with Teppanyaki and Shabu-Shabu too.
Then the location is not like last time, always open at those busy commercial area. This one open at the Kampong Bunut there which is next to the Akira there. Still don't know where? It just 100 meters away from the opposite side of the Bunut Shell Station la! Sure you can see their sign big big far away from the road one.
If you still cannot see or find it ? then you better go Ripas and check your eyes now!

So the question is Nice or not their foods? Aiya this one I say not nice you also go and try one la right!!!
Infect I not need to say much about their foods you also know la! You tell me who haven't try their foods yet? Every time you go any Excapade you tell me which day has no full house one? I can say ten times I go ten times also I see full house one.... especially the Gadong and Kiulap brunch one. 
And some times I go eat there also have to Q again! What to do??? want to eat good stuff then must have to take some Q one la right!!!

Ok....So their food I don't want to put some more comments there... but I got two dishes must strongly recommend you all to try. "The Beef Bacon with Asparagus" and also their "Wagyu Teppanyaki"
me and my wife 1st time eat it and tarus love it very much. And i also introduce to my friend Melvin then he also love it too!!! How good is it? Is so soft with the beef and it melt in your month in just a second!!! Am I a bit over???? hahah sound like the Japan food tv program already! Anyway it is really yummy and tasty! trust me.... if you try it and don't like it please Tapao for me!!! Don't sayang Ok!!!

From far you already can see their sign here, Don't tell me you cannot find them.

I also try their shabu-shabu too. Not bad!!! But I think the Miso soup are better then the Tom Yum soup la!!! 

Did you see one of the chair is more taller then the others one? hehehe.. that's my lucky seat! Am I right Melvin? You know I know la ya!!!

Question of the Day! Why the chef have to put on that plastic mask?
A: To prevent both of them to curi makan?
B: To prevent their water mouth drop on the foods?
C: To prevent them to inhale too much smokes?
D: Or  to prevent them to kiss each other?
please drop your answer on the chat box. Thank You!!!


This is our local famous Koropok! Have you ever try it before? which is something like the Potato Chips la but is not make by the potato. This is make by the flour and prawns. How to make it I'm not sure la. All I know is the flour mix with water then mix with the prawn then steam it then cut into slices then put under the sun and dry it la!!!! Anyway our Koropok of coz the history are more longer then the western koropok la and of coz is yummy then then one...We are proud of the Brunei local Koropok is because in Asian here our Koropok is the best one. Not like Singapore or Malaysia one the prawn they put only the little bit coz our prawns are more cheaper then their!Anyway do you know that the process of all this Sun bathing products mostly are not hygiene one.... like the Belacan, Salted Fish, Cinjilok,Tahai, Koropok sure 100% before packing already visit by the Flies 1st??? But yet we like to eat that.... Sure not gonna complain that!!! More smelly more better one!!! True? Why ha??? 
See...... this thing tell us some time we also need double standard to do something otherwise it cannot works!
 Not all the time must die die use one way one!!!

This morning pass my my friend's house while I testing my scooter and I see then making the Koropok. 
Their Koropok are very famous in my Kampong here one.  When I was young the time I always hang around in their house and watch my friend's mother doing it! 30 years already still the best in town! Don't play play.....

Now of coz my friends mother already old 70 plus la she cannot do that much sudah. The daughter in law and maid helping her lo!!!

Somw people need the Sun to cari makan one... if no Sun they have to makan Rumput sudah!!!
My friend's mother until now still insist want to use hand made. Even cutting into pieces also have to use hand cut cannot use machine one!!!
This is what we called Classic Taste! Rasa Zaman Dahulu! 古早味!

Sungkai Buffet With Zek!!!

Me having Sungkai Buffet at the Holiday Lounge together with the Brunei's new born celebrity Zek!
Of coz not only me and he lah.... you think we atu kah!!! We both Banar banar banar Straight one la Ok!!! banar banar Se.....banar!!!
Special thanks to Rano invite me for the dinner and treated we all me , Zek, Kurapak, NKP and two more I don't remember your name(sorry)  a wonderful dinner! 
FYI Zek is happy with his life now some more better then last time! So what's the next move for Zek? For me to know and for you to find out la!
There is more coverage story and video for the dinner! Just wait and see la! I have to wait for Mr.Kurapak to upload 1st then baru can show you guys la! Or maybe you can check out Rano site maybe he got update for this already!!!
By the way... Zek! Welcome to the club and I'm sure one day you'll gonna used to it when people ask you " Are You...... si Zek Right?????heheheh  but I'm not sure are they gonna tell you that they are your Princess of The Earth or not la!!!!

Should Need School Crossing Guard!!!

Few days ago I received a call from my sister in law that she need me to pick up her daughter at school. 
As fas as I remember this year is my 1st time to pick up my niece from the school. Me long time no doing that sudah! So again I went to my Mother School but this time is on the high peak season. It took me almost an hour to pick her up. I know that the school traffic jam tragedy cannot do any thing already. It already happen like that since form my school time! But sure that is something we can change.
But there is something they can do for change. Is to give the students having a nice and safety to crossing the road. Just like the other country their school sure have one or two person as the crossing guard.
Is so dangerous to leave the kids crossing the road without anyone guiding them.

What is the driver didn't stop and hit on this lovely family... HAM KA Chan la apa lagi!!

Hire someone as a school crossing guard wasn't that hard or expensive one...
I'm sure some retired or jobless people would like to do this job. 
Do for part time. morning one time, afternoon one time and evening one time.... each time work for 1 to 2 hours and the pay is 20 dollars like that! sure someone like to do this job. Easy but Responsibility isn't it a nice job to have! Some how now days there is hard to look for a job, why don't the all school come out this post to public and it also can help the other to support their family, isn't it good idea?   

I'm sure my friend in Indon if he one day jobless already also don't mind to come here take this part time job here. Rigth Choky!!!!

Not As Better As Last Year!!!

Did you guys notice that this year macam like not much people playing the firecracker as like last year oh!!! I remember last year at this time every night can hear and see people start playing it already! Is like 
house to house, kampong to kampong challenge how many FC that they can play. And everyday you can see the parents bring thy children to the kedai runcit there to choice macam macam FC  as they like! Long one...short one....big one...small one... got 150 fires or up to 300 fires also have.
But this year I only see is those old skool FC had sell in the shop. 
HOW COME like that ah? No money or No Funny any more with this!
NO MORE free FC to see already this year??? If like that where got siok lagi!!!

I'm A Meat Lover Not Raw Meat Lover....

You know what is my best cook??? Yes BBQ.... I love BQ very much! Infect BBQ is the only dishes i have no problem! 100% sure I cook is delicious one! If not nice I don't call TIGER.LIM™ sudah!
But yesterday when I bring my wife to the famous restaurant at the Batu Satu there and try on there BBQ. At first the buffet everything goes well. But after some time when they serve me their BBQ BEEF the time I was a bit disappointed. 
Yes my name is TIGER.LIM™ but I'm not a real TIGER!!!! Hello..... serve me a RAW BEEF for what????  You think after I eat that I will jump over the FIRE RINGs is it to entertain your customer in the restaurant is it??? 
This is really unacceptable... if is medium rare or 30 to 40% cooked I still can accept... But this totally uncooked and yet still dare to serve me.. over la!!! 

Don't play play..... I'm a BBQ fans man!!!! BBQ t-shirt also have!!!

See..... I don't tipu one.... see by yourself la!!! Is for Tiger to eat one not for the TIGER.LIm™ to eat. 

If I eat this don't know have to go toilet how many time!!!!Not worth to eat!!!

My Favorite Croissant!!!

No doubt this is my favorite croissant of all time. I trying every bakery shop in Brunei " Le Apple", "Mum's", " Fun Bread", "Supasave", "Empire Hotel","SweetDeli" etc.... and I think this is the best Croissant of all!!! 
Last time me one weeks at lease 3 to 4 time sure go buy to eat one... either I on the way to pick up my wife or after pick her up sure buy to eat one!  But one thing I don't understand is why every time when I go buy the time I  only see they make 4 to 6 pieces only!!! That's why it some time out of stock when I reach there.
Then after few months I stop to eat it because I notice that I gain weight a lot. I assume maybe is because of I having too much this!!!
After so many month I didn't eat ( sia-sia pun) so today I went to buy.... Lucky stars on my side, When I reach there saw 4 pieces croissant fresh fresh just come out. Apa lagi I buy it all la!!!
The reason why I so love their croissant is because of their croissant really not like other's one. It so rich with the butter taste and always crispy. Not like other kedai roti one...  either is masuk angin then if not is too soggy .I'm not kidding even my wife also like it!
 Why I never post in my blog before and tell you guys about this good stuff is because of they really not making much of it. If I tell you people already so where can I have a chance to eat it again right!!! hehehe
But now I change mind now. Good things much share with you all la! So next time I want to show you all where to have the BEST " Tao Sa Pia"/ "Pup Kacang Hitan" at the Bandar and also the Best "Egg Tart" at the Beribi!!!!

I'm loving it!!!

I don't understand why the boss wanted to choose this place to open here.... Some how is in corner corner lagi la!!! If someone who is mata juling one sure cannot see this bread shop one!!!
It located at the "Batu Bersurat" there! Near to the Low San Hardware there!!!

This is the shop I want to show you guys la! 

Tell you true true one.... this is the only thing I buy here!!! I never try their other stuff. either is this or else it their plan/butter croissant. yumyum!!!
Nothing personal.... Just for fun only to chill out your Monday moods.
Found this on the youtube and I think is so suit my blog here.


This is my 2nd video that special editing for ZEK. Spend few hours to figure out the song that ZEK sing  to his "Princess of The Earth". Download and Editing also took me 5 hours to finish. Then somehow I banar banar sibok editing sampai I lupa makan man.... Never mind lah alang-alang use it as my fasting day la. Anyway if I'm a young girl I think I'm going to fall in love with ZEK a man that really telling the world that he love the "PoTE". I really really wanted to see the "PoTE" such a lucky girl lah.

Yesterday I showed ZEK's video to my two malay friends(of coz girl lah). After they watch the video surprisingly I realize that they both felt touching too. One of them said how she wish that her bf can do that to her too! Although the video is not made for her she also can feel ZEK's sorry......
 Don't play play man.... ZEK's market is going higher now sure not need to worry no life time partner sudah!!!

Auntie Park Fail. Remix By: Dj Avo

This video had already a years plus and yet still got people like took it to make a new version. Popular lah banar,banarbanar...... 


Zek In The Youtude Front Page....Score!!!

This is so much cool...... Zek is in front page of the Youtude most viewed list.... Finally we have a Youtude celebrity! I'm so proud of you Zek!!!!

Zek Is On Fire

This is the best song done by NKP ( Nasi Katok Pruduction ) that tribute to ZEK. It was so cool with the song lyrics and I think you guys should listen it.
If you don't know who is Zek then you are out dated sudah, Don't play play people are so famous now. There is more video coming out at Youtube, Facebook from the Fans and Friends of Zek.
I founded this 2 video is the best so far and would like to share with you all. It seen to be like everyone now are supported him already. I don't know this guy Zek but anyway why can't we give him a hand.
All you can do is change you Facebook status to this copy and paste it for just one day.....

" Zek really really banar banar banar tau salah sudah tu.... Please please please FORGIVE HIM "

Brunei people... let's rock the Facebook and give Zek a hand please!!!!
I know we can do it!!!!
Good Luck Zek!!!!!

Zekzek In.... TIGER.LIM™ OUT!!!

It was so unbelievable...... I never see a video that can hit more then twenty-one thousand  viewer in one and a half day in Brunei. This is gonna be a legend and I don't think anyone of the local people can break his record. And he have almost a thousand comment with this video! OMG..... this is so cool.
As what I always did with my video I die die also only get few thousand only...some how it have to take more then a month. But this guys he is a celebrity now. Thanks to the facebook and youtube that make him get the credit.
I had done a lot of funny and crazy video in Youtube, Facebook and in my blog as from my point of view this is nothing to be shame... His got the guts and daring to do such a video and post to the public and we should give his an applause and salute them. It just like one of the local girl she named herself as Kellie Dearest.
I'm so proud of her that she really really Dare to act, makeup and dressed so ugly although she wasn't that bad looking but she still got guts and daring to make some video to post in Youtude and share with people around the world. Click here to check out one of her video that I like.
 Yes.....I believe that one day we Brunei people sure got someone can gonna be a very famous because of the Youtube just like the Magibon it just the matter you dare or not.
So folks.... dare dare do. show your talents and don't Malu!!!
well done Zekzak and Kellie Dearest.....

The local funny and dearest local girl Kellie Dearest

Magibon the Youtube celebrity now she had hire at Japan hosting her own show!