Tomorrow!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!

Why I want to sell off my iPad???? 

Reason number one 1:
Tomorrow is the D day that Singapore start selling iPad. Price starting at S$728.00
So guys.... you can stop thinking wanted to buy iPad from not the Apple store in Brunei. Price are going to drop a lot in any shop you see in Brunei! 
So my iPad 32GB Wifi+3G bought at Perth cost me Bnd$1.070.00 after i claimed the tax.
In Singapore I counted almost the same price $1.068.00 but is before I claim the tax....
So isn't it is cheaper then Australia one?
Anyway..... I think this time I want to get the 16GB wifi+3G. The reason I have been use my 32GB one and I only use 10% of the space.... So I don't think I need that much of memory.
 I think the 16GB wifi+3G is going to cost S$918.00 there. and if I claim back the tax I think is only cost me 890 something like that!
Hope I predict one is correct la!!! 
Check out this Singapore Apple website tomorrow and see the price!
FYI: I sold my iPad for only 1K to the guy!

Reason number 2:
Wait until I got my new iPad again la!!! hehehe!