Things They Have But We Don't

What is this??? This is Nasi Campur!!! But our Nasi Campur are more cheaper and tasty then them one la! Walaupun the size is BIG but doesn't means is taste good one.
Like this one Nasi Campur it have BBQ Duck, Pork, Chicken, Char Sao, Mix Viggie, Fried Mee and Fried Rice. You know how much it cost?
It cost me $12.00 for this meal. If in Brunei I can eat 4 packets of Nasi Ayam here already!!!
One thing I dislike about this Nasi Campur is they put the food on the plate the time like give the food for the pig eat like that! Hockian people call this is as PunJui...

Ok this is the Hong Kong OZ Kolomee! How much? BND$11.60 here! got soup, BBQ duck, wantun,veggie and Char Sau! Honestly Brunei here chinchai look for one restaurant  kolomee here lagi nyaman then them one!!!

Banana with red tits? hahaha just kidding one la . I have no idea why like this with the Banana...
Maybe is because they want to mark that this is their farm's banana? Maybe it can prevent not to turn bad easily or tahan lama? I don't know... maybe someone can tell me why la!!!  

I'm sure that you never seen this Maggi Mee with the beef flavor one right? I went to check the Maggi mee site in Malaysia one also don't have!  

Apple iTunes redeem card sell in the super market... Like that also have o!!! why we all here in Brunei have to susah susah go AV there and buy some how very expensive lagi la!If you want to buy apps, song or movie in iTunes store better use this card lagi good! I tell you if you have friend in OZ just tell them you buy for you and send the number to you by sms better again and cheaper then selling in JJ or AV here.

Swedish fast food in the Ikea store. Why I want to tell you this dish? Did you see some thing there and we don't use to have in our food? Why got jam with the meat ball and eat with chips??? I also don't know why... is come with it and taste good to me!

Last but not least...... McDonald's breakfast!!!! I wonder which days, which months and which years we can have this Mc breakfast in Brunei here!!!