Reborn of The Ocean Quarry Kolomee

I think many of you also know this OQ kolomee right? And also I ever post it in my blog here few years back check this here for the last time post. And then don't know why some day some how the place had close down and after few months I heard it he move to Muara there and do business. BUT BUT BUT after few months again it move lagi!!! ( kasian jua move here move there)
Then last week I got a call from my friend she told me that the OQ kolomee serving it at her mother in law's restaurant now! Isn't it this is a good news for those people who like his kolomee right? 
Lagi pun we not need susah susah go that far to eat his noodles any more!
So here are the address Ban Hiong Restaurant at Jalan Tutong, Simpang 600.
I think la ya... now the kolomee are more better and yummy then last time liao... don't know la... maybe long time no eat so taste more tasty!!! maybe!!! I don't know! just something different la.. maybe is because now have to start it over again and share with other people so gonna be more heart to do it la!!!
Is true.. it taste better then last time! Yet now not only have the original kolomee but also got other version one.... You should try with the Pork Leg Kolomee... sure you like it one! if not try the chicken ball one also not bad!

Ok so this is the Ban Hiong Restaurant la!!!

And here are the Original OQ Kolomee! And you can see the boss are very busy to cooking it all time... 

So this is the PORK LEG Kolomee la... Don't play play.. eat then you know how good is it tu!!!

Chicken Ball Kolomee also not bad!!! 

If you still cannot find this Ban Hiong... night time you pass by the Jalan Bunut sure you can see this beautiful building form the road side... I not sure what is the name some thing like the Da Vinci code like that la selling high class high class can see but cannot sit one furniture. Just next to this building and you can see the Ban Hiong Restaurant liao.