Perth IKEA..... Damm Big!!!

Yes it is big..... i think is bigger then a football field. Just only the a shop which selling furniture already bigger then our gadong The Mall sudah.... I wonder when can we have one of this thing here?
inside of this store there have a huge car park, a food court that can let you rest after you are so tired to shop the place, a super huge showroom and a very huge huge store room on the ground floor!
I lost my wife and my mother in law in there TWICE!!! 
Men... if you go there with some women.. I suggest you to bring walkie talkies with you or put the GPS devise in their bags. so if you lost them a least you can easily to find them....
don't me one... stupid stupid go round round the store and look for them....Twice!!!
is good to visit this place one la... good for excise too. now I understand why the orang putih are so like to excise one liao because they shopping also doing excise in the same time.