Aussie's Dim Sum

If you ask me what so good about the dim sum in OZ??? the only think that i can tell you is BIG!!! yes... is big big big and big! I don't understand why the food there must be XL size one la? I don't see all the orang putih there are all tall tall or big big one. Some how the dim sum mostly are chinese or 
asia people eat one but why must also be big too la ohh? I wonder is it because the house, car, land,animal,people all is big so even the Asian food go there also have to follow them and turn into XL size mmmmh.....
anywhere... this is one of the Chinese resturant I went is opened by the Hong Kong people. is named Northbridge Chinese Restaurant. don't come at Sunday coz you have to Q until lunch time one. so many people go there eat their dim sum one. good until the orang putih also go campul Q!
 Everything you see in the picture here macam like normal one but in fact is double size of our Brunei type. say true true one la... I don't think big size is good lo... I still prefer the original dim sum size One Mouth In Size type one.
But of coz not zll things are bad one la.... still got few dishes I would like to introduce you all must try one there.
(picture 6) Ha Kau, (picture 7) Siu Mai and the (picture 10) Za Leong. must try one.. if didn't that mean you haven't eaten the OZ's Dim Sum!!!!