Me Empty Hand In And Empty Hand Out!!!

Consumer Fair Part 6 does it getting better? Yes it is! I like the system and service especially the transportation is fast and comfort not like last time at ICC one so slow and no system. But o coz nothing is perfect one la sure got some thing not good one!
So what is the bad thing about this Fair? Ya la..... nothing to see lo! I think is louzy that last year one.
I really don't see what new thing that I can buy. The Hall 1 there you can see almost 50% are selling and promote medicine. From China, Korea,Local also have! But don't forget the Indonesia too. They are the major Udat of the Fair there!
But if you go to the Hall 2 there... arh!!! that one is much better! got much more things to see la! But same thing nothing for me to buy! only the 32" LCD tv I was interested only cost 5 hundred plus! That the worth thing thing to buy of all in the Fair!
Don't know la.... I just think this time the CF macam empty empty one lo!!! Why look empty? see the picture yourself lo!