Is Hanging Flag Time!

Ya la now where ever we go in Brunei also can see people now start hanging the flag on the building or on their house sudah due to our HM's birthday coming soon yahoo...... holiday coming! Btw it was so nice to see all the flags lambai lambai there but oh... the not nice to see is some houses still hang the OLD and DIRTY one :( 
Like my neighbor here already can see some houses hang with that! See already no mood with that!
People's hang one is like new and shine flags in the air to celebrate the country's big day but here some people hang the one is like the donkey's year type of flags...... T.T

As I say before the last few month "What Should We Do With The Old Flags" that I posted in my blog here. still no sound from the public to tell us how to do with the old flags. I really hope to hear some good news about it from some department so we know how to do with it. So don't just repeat and repeat to use back the same old-koyak-fade flag to celebrate our HM's birthday and National Day! 

As you see this one.... yellow part of almost wanted to turn into white already. Eventually you only can see Black,White and red with this family's flag!

This one more worse...... Totally is MONO effect with his flag!!!