I Sold It!!!!

Ya I know!!!! People kept asking me how much I sell..... to Who??? and Why!!!!
FYI I sell it to a Chinese guy and he bought it to his girl who work in Kiulap and with a good price for each of us Fair deal!!!!( Price is confidential hehehe) Reason why I want to sell it!!! Just wait and see hehehe I tell you guys on my next post la ( maybe next months or September la)
Everything comes so fast... all suddenly one. I just told my brother last week that I say "MAYBE I WANT TO SELL MY IPAD" and he going to tell his friends about it! And this msg spread every fast then today a guys wanted to see it and he very interested with the item and the price. I was in the half way doing the setting of the DST sim card thing in the ipad then he call up and wanted to meet up in his shop. I really wasn't expected his so interested it and I though it just like see see look look only or wait for few day and see how. He terus pass the money to me... I was ar.........blur........ ar.......!!!!! Don't even have time to say last good bye with my iPad!!!! hahaha... I hope I can met some more this kind of buyer!!! 
Want? Buy!!!! Don't Want? Good Bye!!!!
Don't like talk talk talk so much there and ask for more discount!!! Ask so much already last last also didn't buy!
But anyway I not selling him together with my iPad's bag la!!! So anyone of you would like to buy is can call me or Email to me! Only available in Brunei! 

I missed my iPad now! T_T