Do Not Try This On Road la Please!!!!

Aiyo.... you wasn't there ah, If you see this live with your eyes sure you got goosebumps one! Haiya they come down from the bus and then wanted to cross the road but oh there is a bridge just about 10 meters away but they don't want to use still want to take the Easy But Risky way! Old also like that, young one also like that... sure the youngest one follow lo! You know that time is how danger ka? Hundreds of car crossing here at the every minute and yet they still want to risk they life take the easy way crossing road like that. Lucky the Brunei people here are good heart one, last last some good driver slow down their car and let this little family passing! Aiyo nasih no accident.... if I see a car hit on them (3in a time) I think I at least 3 years cannot sleep liao!