Balik Kampong..... Durian Hunting!!!!

Today went back to my wife's kampong which located at Sungai Liang. We went to the Durian Farm there and collected some Durian. As you know la now is the Durian season and don't play play we have more then 500 biji here.... I see already also no mood to eat coz is too much, some how we had throw away to the hill because of........ Watch The Video!!!!
Is fun la... picking durian but have to tahan the nymuk sucker your bloods la!

After parked my car then now we heading to the durian farm.

From far I already can smell and see the durian there..... No wonder it named the Kind of The Fruits la.... hit on your head sure you die! 

Tips of hunting durian. The best time go to the durian farm at Afternoon. reason durian seldom fall at the noon so no worries it hit on your head.... chances very low..don't say no la ya! hehehe

Don't play play... each durian also got 2 Kg above one!!!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, I lost count!!!!

Rise up your hand also can touch it.... just imagine how low it this durians!

So this is my reward for today help to clean up the Durian Farm!!!!