Bad System!!!!

Ya.... not only me say that!!! A lot of people also say the system are very bad with the booth in Facebook!
Why??? No Sign to telling people where to Q-up, which counter is for Inquiry, Booking and Paying!!!
I saw a Lady in Red are very piss off about it... She Q up for an hour and last last the staff told her that she is in the wrong Q and then she have to Q back again for what she suppose to Q. And also the staff there all the face like you otang them money one.... All faces are same " Masam " 
Maybe is because they have doing the ticket booking from morning until now... no time to rest or go for smoke... whatever la that's why loook not happy one! Anyway none of my business but just what to share with whoever also received this msg like me and plan to get Cheap Air Fare from there. So you better be prepare this is what gonna happen la!  
"So you better make sure Q in the right way and know what line are you Q for"
"Long Q is a must there"
"Ready someone to help you to take you Q in case half time you want to go Toilet/Smoke"
"Don't expect the staff happy to see your face"