Me Empty Hand In And Empty Hand Out!!!

Consumer Fair Part 6 does it getting better? Yes it is! I like the system and service especially the transportation is fast and comfort not like last time at ICC one so slow and no system. But o coz nothing is perfect one la sure got some thing not good one!
So what is the bad thing about this Fair? Ya la..... nothing to see lo! I think is louzy that last year one.
I really don't see what new thing that I can buy. The Hall 1 there you can see almost 50% are selling and promote medicine. From China, Korea,Local also have! But don't forget the Indonesia too. They are the major Udat of the Fair there!
But if you go to the Hall 2 there... arh!!! that one is much better! got much more things to see la! But same thing nothing for me to buy! only the 32" LCD tv I was interested only cost 5 hundred plus! That the worth thing thing to buy of all in the Fair!
Don't know la.... I just think this time the CF macam empty empty one lo!!! Why look empty? see the picture yourself lo!       

Brunei Halal Brand

Bad System!!!!

Ya.... not only me say that!!! A lot of people also say the system are very bad with the booth in Facebook!
Why??? No Sign to telling people where to Q-up, which counter is for Inquiry, Booking and Paying!!!
I saw a Lady in Red are very piss off about it... She Q up for an hour and last last the staff told her that she is in the wrong Q and then she have to Q back again for what she suppose to Q. And also the staff there all the face like you otang them money one.... All faces are same " Masam " 
Maybe is because they have doing the ticket booking from morning until now... no time to rest or go for smoke... whatever la that's why loook not happy one! Anyway none of my business but just what to share with whoever also received this msg like me and plan to get Cheap Air Fare from there. So you better be prepare this is what gonna happen la!  
"So you better make sure Q in the right way and know what line are you Q for"
"Long Q is a must there"
"Ready someone to help you to take you Q in case half time you want to go Toilet/Smoke"
"Don't expect the staff happy to see your face"

Jambu Harvesting!!!

Yes.... this few day the weather are so nice.... not much rain so the Jambu tree in my garden turn very well. Today is the best day to harvest it!!!! 
DON'T PLAY PLAY man..... the size of the Jambu are huge and so juicy too! I wonder how much it can sale per piece!!!! This is the 1st wave we collect it and we gonna do it again next week! Hope not too much rain fall la coming this 7 days if not the Jambu gonna break one!!!! 

Gang Bang!!!

Wah..... So romantic ar this people, early seven morning eight morning Gang Bang on the Rimba highway there! She bang...... She Bang...... oh baby..... She Move She Move!!!! What? still listen William Hong song inside the car is it?
See???? that the reason you all like to follow people's car behind near near la!!! Once the front car slow down and you don't have enough time and distant to stop. You bang him, he bang her bang bang bang until we all rest of the road user have to enjoying the Jam you make to us! Is not so sweet but a bit sour, not really like it but still can take it!!! Hopefully if next time you make the jam for us please provide tea or coffee and with roti kuning, not just only JAM for us. Thanks you!!!
P/S: I eat you jam for 30 minute yo!!! And now I got sore throat sudah!!!

Broken~Frances English????

As part of my Broken~English project. I think I should share this video that I found in the YT together with you all!

True or Not??? So Cheap???

Wahahahah.... true ka? $1,048 for the iPhone 4???? Like that can buy man!!!! I just saw the Dj there selling for $2,788.00!!! WTF add 200 can buy 3 unit in Singapore liao! 2 32GB+ 1 16GB man!!!
So whoever when DJ there and buy recently....... Aiyo...cry no tears la man!!!!
Thanks to the reader Adalah who sharing this info with us!!!!
I really can't wait for this moment come man!!!! So I guess I'm going to get this and bye bye to iPad then

My Lovely Breakfast!!!!

I love to have this moment while I come back home and my Mom told me: There is something for you on the table!
Sekali I see....wah ha ha ha....... Is a bowl of "Ice Sugar Bird Nest Soup" ar!!!!
So happy to see this thing man!!! FYI my mother one year only make this one time! you say happy not happy to see it leh??? 
The last time I post the "My Super Wonder Supper" is on 14th Jan 2009, so you can imagine that more then a year I didn't eat this sudah! So nice to have this again, must slowly slowly enjoy it!!!
I love you Mom!!! Thanks you!!!

Licence It With Smoking!!!

Singapore Ipad Price Out!

Already.... so here are the iPad price in Singapore. So Brunei reader if you plan to buy one iPad this price chat maybe can help you to decide which model you want to get la! 
I myself going to get the 16GB Wifi+3G one... if they don't have stock already then balu tah get the 32GB one la!!! So whoever just bought one from AV,QQ, or DJ! Opsss sorry you paid extra for the gadget liao! 

Tomorrow!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!

Why I want to sell off my iPad???? 

Reason number one 1:
Tomorrow is the D day that Singapore start selling iPad. Price starting at S$728.00
So guys.... you can stop thinking wanted to buy iPad from not the Apple store in Brunei. Price are going to drop a lot in any shop you see in Brunei! 
So my iPad 32GB Wifi+3G bought at Perth cost me Bnd$1.070.00 after i claimed the tax.
In Singapore I counted almost the same price $1.068.00 but is before I claim the tax....
So isn't it is cheaper then Australia one?
Anyway..... I think this time I want to get the 16GB wifi+3G. The reason I have been use my 32GB one and I only use 10% of the space.... So I don't think I need that much of memory.
 I think the 16GB wifi+3G is going to cost S$918.00 there. and if I claim back the tax I think is only cost me 890 something like that!
Hope I predict one is correct la!!! 
Check out this Singapore Apple website tomorrow and see the price!
FYI: I sold my iPad for only 1K to the guy!

Reason number 2:
Wait until I got my new iPad again la!!! hehehe!

First Come First Got It!

Ok so I received 3 mail from the reader and they all interested to have one of this pick. So I given it to them soon. So there is no more free WALI 's Guitar Pick to give away. So sorry to those people who late email me. 

I Sold It!!!!

Ya I know!!!! People kept asking me how much I sell..... to Who??? and Why!!!!
FYI I sell it to a Chinese guy and he bought it to his girl who work in Kiulap and with a good price for each of us Fair deal!!!!( Price is confidential hehehe) Reason why I want to sell it!!! Just wait and see hehehe I tell you guys on my next post la ( maybe next months or September la)
Everything comes so fast... all suddenly one. I just told my brother last week that I say "MAYBE I WANT TO SELL MY IPAD" and he going to tell his friends about it! And this msg spread every fast then today a guys wanted to see it and he very interested with the item and the price. I was in the half way doing the setting of the DST sim card thing in the ipad then he call up and wanted to meet up in his shop. I really wasn't expected his so interested it and I though it just like see see look look only or wait for few day and see how. He terus pass the money to me... I was ar.........blur........ ar.......!!!!! Don't even have time to say last good bye with my iPad!!!! hahaha... I hope I can met some more this kind of buyer!!! 
Want? Buy!!!! Don't Want? Good Bye!!!!
Don't like talk talk talk so much there and ask for more discount!!! Ask so much already last last also didn't buy!
But anyway I not selling him together with my iPad's bag la!!! So anyone of you would like to buy is can call me or Email to me! Only available in Brunei! 

I missed my iPad now! T_T 

Meet New Friends, Old Friends

Ok I'm done with my work so now I can back to blogging again. for the pass few day I have a concert to run and this time is the Indonesia band name WALI and of coz I meet my old friend Choky there too but this time he came here together with his wife. I didn't know he was marry and he proud to showing off to me his wedding ring! Welcome to the club bro!!!
SO about the Wali band I'm not so familiar with the group but I ever heard about their song which always play by my staff and friends at the Gadong Mall there! So the event run pretty well and things goes smoothly too! At the end of the day my reward is the Wali band guitar pick and the drum stick! 
So here I also wanted to give away some of the guitar pick. If anyone who interested with it please email to me!

Eat Too Much Durian!!!

Nose bleeding yesterday mid night coz eat too much durian from the durian farm there!
Durian is a very hot fruit... remember to drink lot of lot of water after you enjoy it otherwise you gonna be like me lioa.
Why ha???? why durian so hot to our body one ha? until now I still don't understand, is it because it so sweet or what? But we know this is hot to us and yet we still like to eat it. Maybe is because this only have in once in the year so we die die also want to eat it!!!!

Throw Away Durian????? Are You Kidding Us????

Yes is true true one... I no play play here... there reason why we throw away all that durian is because the durians too much on the brunch and cause it too heavy and the brunch cannot support the weight! So all the durian on the brunch which fall are not right time to eat yet! So we have no choice and throw it all to the hill!

Balik Kampong..... Durian Hunting!!!!

Today went back to my wife's kampong which located at Sungai Liang. We went to the Durian Farm there and collected some Durian. As you know la now is the Durian season and don't play play we have more then 500 biji here.... I see already also no mood to eat coz is too much, some how we had throw away to the hill because of........ Watch The Video!!!!
Is fun la... picking durian but have to tahan the nymuk sucker your bloods la!

After parked my car then now we heading to the durian farm.

From far I already can smell and see the durian there..... No wonder it named the Kind of The Fruits la.... hit on your head sure you die! 

Tips of hunting durian. The best time go to the durian farm at Afternoon. reason durian seldom fall at the noon so no worries it hit on your head.... chances very low..don't say no la ya! hehehe

Don't play play... each durian also got 2 Kg above one!!!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, I lost count!!!!

Rise up your hand also can touch it.... just imagine how low it this durians!

So this is my reward for today help to clean up the Durian Farm!!!!

Reborn of The Ocean Quarry Kolomee

I think many of you also know this OQ kolomee right? And also I ever post it in my blog here few years back check this here for the last time post. And then don't know why some day some how the place had close down and after few months I heard it he move to Muara there and do business. BUT BUT BUT after few months again it move lagi!!! ( kasian jua move here move there)
Then last week I got a call from my friend she told me that the OQ kolomee serving it at her mother in law's restaurant now! Isn't it this is a good news for those people who like his kolomee right? 
Lagi pun we not need susah susah go that far to eat his noodles any more!
So here are the address Ban Hiong Restaurant at Jalan Tutong, Simpang 600.
I think la ya... now the kolomee are more better and yummy then last time liao... don't know la... maybe long time no eat so taste more tasty!!! maybe!!! I don't know! just something different la.. maybe is because now have to start it over again and share with other people so gonna be more heart to do it la!!!
Is true.. it taste better then last time! Yet now not only have the original kolomee but also got other version one.... You should try with the Pork Leg Kolomee... sure you like it one! if not try the chicken ball one also not bad!

Ok so this is the Ban Hiong Restaurant la!!!

And here are the Original OQ Kolomee! And you can see the boss are very busy to cooking it all time... 

So this is the PORK LEG Kolomee la... Don't play play.. eat then you know how good is it tu!!!

Chicken Ball Kolomee also not bad!!! 

If you still cannot find this Ban Hiong... night time you pass by the Jalan Bunut sure you can see this beautiful building form the road side... I not sure what is the name some thing like the Da Vinci code like that la selling high class high class can see but cannot sit one furniture. Just next to this building and you can see the Ban Hiong Restaurant liao.

My New Intro Video Launch

This is my new intro video launched and also this is my 1st birthday greeting for our His Majesty Sultan of Brunei Darussalam 64 Birthday!

Do Not Try This On Road la Please!!!!

Aiyo.... you wasn't there ah, If you see this live with your eyes sure you got goosebumps one! Haiya they come down from the bus and then wanted to cross the road but oh there is a bridge just about 10 meters away but they don't want to use still want to take the Easy But Risky way! Old also like that, young one also like that... sure the youngest one follow lo! You know that time is how danger ka? Hundreds of car crossing here at the every minute and yet they still want to risk they life take the easy way crossing road like that. Lucky the Brunei people here are good heart one, last last some good driver slow down their car and let this little family passing! Aiyo nasih no accident.... if I see a car hit on them (3in a time) I think I at least 3 years cannot sleep liao!

My New "Intro Video Clip" for Mid-Year 2010

Here are the some screen shot of my new intro video clip 30 second only not too long this time just nice!
I just finish edit it last night! It took me an hour to finish it but I use a month to think of making it!
I really like it here with my new art work and I hope you all like it too. This time my intro clip are more serious type one liao... no more like the peanut production type one liao Don't Play Play!!!
Actually I want to make a the new intro clip since June but I lazy lazy and postpone until last night.
 I can't sleep due to my SICK cough cough cough.... so alang-alang don't sleep and just make this clip la!
So everyone just wait and see my next video and I'll show you my new intro video clip!