Touching... Touching!!!

Received a lovely letter from my friend via Facebook! Quite touching after I read it. Tears almost come out liao hehehe... Thanks Kelly. I kinda like it so much and cannot tahan must share it to all my readers here let then read your article too! 

I really want to show this article in English version! But too bad my English not that good. You know lah my Broken~English is up to what stage one... So I copy and paste in the online translate to show you all who don't understand chinese one! some chinese also don't know to read chinese one! But the online translate one also not perfect one! So sorry la ha.... You guys paham paham la ya! 

Understand, life can not have been satisfactory. Ups and downs of life is to count, or, I should not have so much crap in here to vent it! 

When myself and became a mother of two, my life has changed a lot. I do not look forward to their cause. And, in particular, hope every day to stay kids. 

Although the children will get sick, I worry. However, I really enjoyed these processes. 

If, one day, my life could be like doing my own thing, rather than when there is so much pressure. I think it should be really good. 

However, I was especially afraid of change, change has been accustomed way of life. 

Since childhood, I hope to become a writer, not famous, but some people appreciate how I feel.

However, the pen doesn't better than everybody else Ha ha ha! Therefore, we fell in love with reading. 

When grew older all have we have done, only for those food. 

I particularly appreciate, uphold the ideal for their own people. Even if his hard work, but it is faster to be able to realize their dreams! 

The kind of courage, I admit it I don't have. 

My friend, the tiger, now he wants to be able to live in their own world. The same can be relative to your life. 

He, naturally better than others, particularly from his mouth to say, you and I can not think of. 

I have more than A natural impressions. However, my courage was gone. 

Ha ha ha ha ~! Ah my friend, Mr. Tiger! 

I am so proud of you!

Everyone just remember... nobody in this world is perfect. But sure the God got something for us that is important to do and learn in this world! Walaupun you are the Bill Gates or Steve Jods they also need the  Peanut peoples to builds and designs their products one......
For me... "Life Is Easy With Direction™" and I always keep this on my mind!
 I choose "EASY" as my "Direction" 
Reason..... coz I'm a lazy person!
I don't like things to be complicate.... Why I want to choose hard stage? I'm not playing with the games?
I'm not like a hardcore man anyway! You can say that I'm a fagot with my life has no challenge. But so what DAH........
I choose to use Auto gear car then manual one, I choose to use Easi then Prima, I choose to use Mac OS X then Window, I choose hiking at Tasik Lama then Bukit Shabandar and I choose to live in Brunei the any other country. and so and so and so....... All this are making my life to be "EASY" one!
Just stick to the point/direction and never  turn here turn there! So that is my direction of life! EASY~
So what's your direction? Easy mode? Medium mode or Hard mode? Life without Direction just like a boat spinning around on the place of the sea!