TIGER.LIM™ Please Help Me!!!!!

All right all right...... Here I Come To Save The Day!!!!
But how can I help??? I'm not a real super hero or have a super power one la.... or else I like the Hollywood movie one the "KICK ASS" guys and come to help you lo.
So what i the reason of this guy he need my help? 
I received his email and talk with him over the phone is about the place he stay every night there is bunch of gang and group people EVERY NIGHT drive their car and came to the Gadong shopping complex (which is in front of the food court there) and SHOW OFF their sound system!!! Each and every night they blasting their sound system SOOO LOUD even the building's door and window can vibrating somehow they play their music until Mid-Night..... Who can sleep under this situation kan!!!   This is really bad and over people's limit!!! So this man and the neighbor who stay at that area have suffering with this for couple of month already... and they do have report to the police station about this situation and the police also had come and check and also telling the GANGs/GROUPs to stop that party but once the police car had left of 5 minutes and then the party start over again!!!! SO this reader really hope that the Royal Brunei Police can really help the residents there and do something about it!!! Not just drive the Toyota Corolla to come here and flashing those blue lights on the car!!! 

So here are the video he took last night at 12.18am!!! As you can see there is more then ten cars over the car park everyone SIOK sendiri with they car sound system and never care about other people wanted to sleep or what!!! For a man already cannot stand with that kind of sound condition I believe is over more then 100db(decibel) What if they is some BABY need to sleep or a new born baby stay there too???
Do you think you baby can have a nice sleep too???
Lucky I wasn't stay there.... if my baby cry every night because of that... I sure and guaranty make that car park RAINING every night or whenever they come. How to rain??? easy la... by using water jet!!!!
 hahahah... see who can tahan la.... your sound system got water proof or my water got fire proof!!!

So watch the video here!!!