Heath Research

Received a letter from the Ministry of Health that me and my mother had chosen by them to do the Health Research. I was shock at the 1st place when I saw this letter. But last last I also went to their centre to check up! This research is target in between age 5 to 75 years old one. Things to bring: This letter and I/C. If not tak pakai.

Ok so this is the place la..... Lucky I ever send my wife to this place before when the time my wife is pregnant. So this place is easy for me to find!

Smile... your in TIGER's camera!!!
Ok so this is the team members.... You have to pass and check one by one of each table.
So this is that stage one. Both of them are going to explain what is the purpose of this program. They write down and check your name is that matching with the list one!

After the stage 1 interview then we have to take our file and come to meet this 2 lady. We have to sit down for 5 minute and relax. Then after that they baru taking our blood pressure. 

Cannot too excited otherwise later my blood pressure go high high. Ok so now I understand why the all the lady who taking the blood pressure one cannot be young and good looking! must choose the old or ugly one la..... I see!!!!

This is a good pressure!!!! So I'm healthy but unfortunately over weight!!!

Ok. here are the other room for another interview one after you had check the blood pressure!!!
By the way all this people kana interview one...all from same kampong of my!!!

Yes... she is the one who interview me one!!! Don't look her face macam marah-marah there. Actually she is very nice person and ee have a nice taking there too. And she told me that please don't surprise of some question she gonna ask me! At 1st I heard it also don't understand what she mean until I saw the Question!

Is there Electricity and Water supply to the house???
Of coz yes lah.... if no how to stay oh???? Now what century already where got people house in Brunei don't have this 2 things in the house one!!!!
But unfortunately there is someone in Brunei who don't have this two item supply to their house she told me!!! I was shock when I heard that!!! They are the poor people and live far away from Bandar one!
This question is nothing she told me.. there is more worse one at behind! Look the next picture down there!

So sad when I read this question..... Yet the lady told me a man told them "YES" at 1st I though that is the guy bluff one la.... just want to act Kasian one! But she told me is true and they saw his children really skinny and look poor
But he smoking everyday! T.T
Smoking is important then feeding the children..... 

After all the interview and I received some souvenir from them but again I had chosen by them to do other interview again!!!! So 30/6/2010 10am have to come back again! Boring!!!! I need someone to remind this!!!