No Wonder...... Lupanya!!!!!

When is the last time you look up and see the building in Brunei??? Never or long long times ago?
Me also long long time never see High High reason we all always see Far Far. Yes is true..... most of the people intents to look far far instate of look high high! Why like that one? 
That'z why not all the time things have to look far far one... Some time the good stuff also just up above our head only! 
Anyway... yesterday I boring boring then went to Bandar jalan jalan. When I caught in the traffic jam and I spotted this sign on top of this building which is just in front of the Brunei Hotel!!!
I see this words " Contractors Mess "it really make me Blur Blur!!! 
Can anyone explain to me what does it means??? As far as I know and check the Dictionary  

contractor |ˈkänˌtraktər|nounperson or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials orlabor to perform a service or do a job.
mess |mes|noun [usu. in sing. ]a dirty or untidy state of things or of a place she made a mess of the kitchenmy hair was a mess.verb[ trans. make untidy or dirty you've messed up my beautiful carpet.• [ intrans. (of a domestic animaldefecate they had some problems with dogs messing in the store.
 So if this two words put together what does it mean leh???? Is that the Contractor make something untidy or dirty with their job and that'z is why they need to join this contractor association ka???hahaha......Sometime I do feel so bad of myself. Why every time I found this kind of funny things in my life and always like to Kacau them!I'm sorry "The Brunei Building Contractors Association". I really just don't understand with your "Slogan" up there!!!