My Friend Looking For A Boyfriend Part 2

Ok guys..... see I'm not joking one!!! My friend really mean it one la! No kidding! I tell you if I'm not Kahwin already I guaranty go for it one! So for those single man out there please don't miss this chance here. Only for the TIGER.LIM™ readers Single, Male, Age from 28-33, Prefer Chinese, Angmo also can la and for Brunei-Muara residents. If you are KB-Seria-Tutong or Temburong also can but I think if one day really together want to dating also hard one lah... Go up down up down like that, watching movie or dinner also not easy! But don't know la if really really love one I think shouldn't have problem one la!

For those who have watch or know what's going on. please watch this video I post two day ago!