Kailis's Fish & Chips

Today I want to show you where I go makan in Perth!
This is one of the famous place to go in Fremantle. Everyone come here only look for two things
" Fish & Chips " or "Oyster". This are the two thing famous here. But too bad this time I go I didn't try the Oyster the reason is because now is not the season.... the size of the oyster are too small for me and yet is too expensive half dozen already cost 20 plus liao!!! Expensive then eating GOLD!!!
So we only order the fish and chip lo! But we order a jumbo one!!! Inside got 2 big pieces of fish, 4 pieces sotong, 4 pieces udang, 2 pieces scallop, one blow of salad,chicken soup and Kupang and it cost BND$57.00. Guess what... according to the menu this in only for 2 person makan!!! Crazy one.... we four person already susah susah makan it I don't know how the orang putih can masuk all in!!!!
Btw... it really yummy la especially eat together with the local beer! Next time must go there again!!!