It Can't Success If Without Me!

Of coz not la.... just kidding one ma this is all about the team work everyone gets the credit. But without me also no sound for the whole night event..heheheh still it can't success if without me! After the 4 days long rehearsal finally last night is show time and thanks god I done with the job peacefully, So now I can take my good free time to blog and enjoy my life.
By the way it is a great show at the Jurudong Amphitheater. The best part of the show is a electric guitar ask for auction and all the money for donation. Guess how much the guitar bid! You can't believe it bid until Bnd$17.500.00 Don't play play man......! 
One more thing I want to say is one of the song sang by the local artists "Bersama Selamat" The chorus of the song it really song like the famous Korea girls group "Wonder Girls" No Body No Body ! 
Watch the video I took and you know what I mean!