Is Time To Change!

Is true one..... don't you think so? Is too small to be see on the road side especially on the main road one. Every time if I look for my friend's house or location and search for the simpang sure missed one and every time have to make a U turn again! If in the night time more worst!
In the small road like the perumahan or kampong-kampong one still ok! slow down the speed and slowly slowly look for it, but if on the main road drive slow slow like 30km 100% kena people from behind baca-baca already!
Small never mind... but some sign are put 30m away for the road lagi la! You tell me how to see o? Don't believe? you see the Jln Jangsak there those sign are too far from the road liao! I think superman also susah to see too!
Tell true true one la.... the simpang sign are more smaller then my car number plate! Don't you guys think so? Comom.... is time to change so small how to see! All the car number plate have to change by this end of the year I think the simpang sign should joining us too!!!