Health Research Part 2 Ouch....

Yes.... is part 2 the reason is because last week me and my mom we went there has no fasting so cannot taking our bloods sample! So this week have to go again la! Why I was chosen one? I also don't know! One of the lady there she told me that this research got 4000 people had chosen from age 5 to 75.
So this is a huge collect data and blood sample gonna do! 
I think I also need to go make a body check up every year from now. Coz we never know what is our body's condition from inside! Especially like us who stay in Brunei one Life good, Food good, Live Good and Car good everything also good lagi need to go check up! Don't wait until got stroke baru got see doctor.. then that is everything is too late liao.. walaupun the medical is cost you $1.00 ( which is consider free la ) but also don't play play with your health. Nasi Katok is $1.00, Medicine also $1.00 but doesn't mean you health also worth for 1 dollars too!

OMG........ this is Bad Bad Bad...... Alert...... Alert......Alert!!!!
I didn't know I was gained so much weight now! Must set a time table in the gym liao! 

She very good in Cucuk me....... Taking my blood la!


4 tubes.... she say my blood very good o..... very easy to come out!!! Of coz la.... long time no donate sudah!!! Almost over flow liao!!! ( don't think on other way Ok!!!)

Then after taking the 1st blood sample we have to drink a glass of this very sweet Ribena. Then taking blood again after 2 hours!!! I like Ribena since I was a kid... but this is the 1st time I drink so that sweet one! The reason why we have to drink this is because they want to check our body is that any problem of balance the blood sugar level. I remember when my wife pregnant my wife also got check this one... so now is my turn liao!     

So during the time we have to wait for 2 hours! we can sit down and watch DVD or.......

Reading magazine which not much choice....... or

Go around around the place see see look look their food display. Or..........

Taking a nap....... then after 2 hours sure got people to wake you up one. So after the 2 hours I have to OUCH.......... again!!!