Fremantle Market, Worth To Visit

I not so sure the history about this market but I can see this building got 100 year already....
This is one of the old market in Fremantle if you want to know the history click here.
This market not everyday open one la... but if you want to come better come on the Sunday. Coz Sunday more thing things to see there especially can cuci mata again there!
Inside there apa-apa macam ada but no much electronic stuff la! Hand made and local stuff a lot there sure you can find something you want or like one!

This is the building outside look like one in long long time ago one.... Macam the Cowboy time right!
And now this is the present Fremantle Market..... so classic look!
Remember this sign before to go oh!!! Don't salah salah you go there is close one!
This street performer are so funny, next time I show you guys video how was he so funny!
And this is the inside the building not really big buy complete, Got sell baju, candy, foods. cakes, toys etc macam macam ada la!!! 
This one very cool... too bad I'm not a guitar fans if not sure I'm going to buy some back home.
This man he made all kind of the famous guitar player like the Gun N Roses, Kiss, Nirvana so and so...
Girl's Heaven
This is the way to the market. Fresh sea food and veggie. Don't buy see also siok too!!!
Did you see the Veggie Couples???
Have you ever see such a big frying pan before??? Too bad I didn't try it coz it has a long Q... Malas to wait... next time la!!!