Free Advertise???

I wonder now is it "Free" to advertising products at the immigration post already or is it have to pay there? Coz recently I went to Kuala Lurah and I saw this sticker stick on the booth which we drive through to chop passport one!!! I have no idea what it that thing.... I guess maybe is one of the new engine oil la!! That is a good spot to advertise your products coz everyone pass by here sure guaranty can see you goods... what a brilliant idea! I am so solute who ever is this guy can think this!
So how bout can we put the advertising sign board like the Hwa Hoe or Supasave over there too! or or or can we stick the A4 side paper home made advert on there too?? 
But any way if one day this place is really open to public for put advertising sure the local big company "SUNLXX" get the tender one la!!!