The Brightest Midas XL3 In The World!

I guaranty no one else in the world can or ever use this XL3. Is freaking bright man!!!! I really can even open my eyes and look at the board. Bright until can't see the button and the fader. I no play play one... is true as you can see the picture below, the LED lights can even bright up my face to green colors you tell me how to use la!!!!
The owner of this board has change all the LED lights to new! Size is collect but the walt is too bright liao.... I think the only way to do is use marker pen or nail color to cover it up again! If not after the whole show of using this board sure Mata Juling one ( cross eyes )......
So last last we also didn't use it, stick to the M7cl better! By the way AP Theater now also use digital broad liao o..... don't play play people now also upgrade sudah! Oh ya I heard the ICC now also using M7cl too! Anyway...guys I'll be busy for this 4 days coz got show to do lah. So I mind not update for few day wait until I free la Ok!