Bola Kana Tiang!!!

Ai ya........ cilaka kurang asam camera not good enough,  Can't caught a good picture of Mr. Rano. If not the score is TIGERLIM™ 3:1 Ranoadidas sudah! Sayayng sayang sayang kaliya!!! Nasip baik Si Rano! If this is soccer then consider is hit on the goal's pole! So the score still remanded as 2:1 lah....!!!  Haiya..... I think I should invest a DSLR camera  sudah!!! So I can act like the Hollywood's Paparazzi in Brunei here...hehehe then by the time I think sure I uncover a lot of story in my blog tu don't play play!
Anyway... Hey Bro I really like to see your reaction just now especial the moment you get shock and grabbing your hair to say "Oh No.........!!!" I still LOL sampai now! Catch you again next time!