AUD$40,000,000,00 Waiting For Me Tonight!!!!

If the Lucky Angel fall on me tonight............. Wawawahahahhahahahahah 
The No:1 Broken~English Blogger become a 40 Millions Dollars Man Broken~English liao la hahahaha
Of coz la.... where got that easy to win one I know!! But got buy got win... No buy no win one la right!!
Even those no kena the number but once in the while DREAM DREAM to be a millionaire also siok right! I already plan what if I kena the number liao! I want to buy a big house with swimming pool  here, Jetski, big motorbike, buy this buy that...... buy buy buy!!!! after buying so many thing I still have 38 millions.... or is one year I spend one million.... that's mean I have to spend if for 40 years here!!! So by the time I already 70 years old....... (still haven't finish spending all the money!!!)
hahahahahhaha!!!! I gonna be rich soon!!!!!!