25 Minutes So Late

It remind me the Michael Learn To Rock one of the song 25 Minutes. Why? Coz I wait that long for the Singapore Hockian Mee in this restaurant Hot Point which is located at The Mall 1st floor! Luckily I'm a patient person it not sure I walk out from there liao! If let's say got many people take order then I can understand la... but that moment only 3 customer (which is include me) also take that long... haiya don't know what the chef do in the kitchen one. Luckily the World Cup haven't start lagi if in the World Cup fever I think I have to wait an hour for my food liao! Anyway I don't think I going back to eat there food again liao la reason is 1st service bad, 2nd have to pay 2 dollars for parking fees last but not least waitress not pretty... see also got no appetite liao macam I otang them money faces one!!!!
By the way..... the food I order "Singapore Hockian Mee" taste delicious but I just don't understand why the chef want to mix the yellow noodles and white noodles ( udon) together???? Say true true one la I feel like they have not enough noodles what's why the chef use the white one to mix it! It looks very bad with the presentation.... like people eat the left over then mix it together and serve it to me!
BUT it taste good!!!! seriously it does yummy. Do not see it like the slimy but it does good I like it but too bad I don't like the price tag! If can murah sikit lagi baik!