Fremantle Market, Worth To Visit

I not so sure the history about this market but I can see this building got 100 year already....
This is one of the old market in Fremantle if you want to know the history click here.
This market not everyday open one la... but if you want to come better come on the Sunday. Coz Sunday more thing things to see there especially can cuci mata again there!
Inside there apa-apa macam ada but no much electronic stuff la! Hand made and local stuff a lot there sure you can find something you want or like one!

This is the building outside look like one in long long time ago one.... Macam the Cowboy time right!
And now this is the present Fremantle Market..... so classic look!
Remember this sign before to go oh!!! Don't salah salah you go there is close one!
This street performer are so funny, next time I show you guys video how was he so funny!
And this is the inside the building not really big buy complete, Got sell baju, candy, foods. cakes, toys etc macam macam ada la!!! 
This one very cool... too bad I'm not a guitar fans if not sure I'm going to buy some back home.
This man he made all kind of the famous guitar player like the Gun N Roses, Kiss, Nirvana so and so...
Girl's Heaven
This is the way to the market. Fresh sea food and veggie. Don't buy see also siok too!!!
Did you see the Veggie Couples???
Have you ever see such a big frying pan before??? Too bad I didn't try it coz it has a long Q... Malas to wait... next time la!!!

Kailis's Fish & Chips

Today I want to show you where I go makan in Perth!
This is one of the famous place to go in Fremantle. Everyone come here only look for two things
" Fish & Chips " or "Oyster". This are the two thing famous here. But too bad this time I go I didn't try the Oyster the reason is because now is not the season.... the size of the oyster are too small for me and yet is too expensive half dozen already cost 20 plus liao!!! Expensive then eating GOLD!!!
So we only order the fish and chip lo! But we order a jumbo one!!! Inside got 2 big pieces of fish, 4 pieces sotong, 4 pieces udang, 2 pieces scallop, one blow of salad,chicken soup and Kupang and it cost BND$57.00. Guess what... according to the menu this in only for 2 person makan!!! Crazy one.... we four person already susah susah makan it I don't know how the orang putih can masuk all in!!!!
Btw... it really yummy la especially eat together with the local beer! Next time must go there again!!!  

Home Sweet Home

Yes...... this is the first time I missed at home "Indo Mee" 
I can't tahan sudah man...... this mee make me feel I'm home!!!hahaha. 
Perth there also go sell Mee Goreng but very expensive la! can't remember how much it sell but I know is 3 to 4 time expensive then Brunei here!!!
Coca cola here only 0.80 to 1 dollars but in Perth there cost me aud$3.50 Brunei is $4.30.....
Most of the food they sell in restaurant or food stall/court are expensive one la.
Eat also susah... no eat lagi susah!!!
So anyway.... I'm back home liao and I have a lovely vacation there with my lovely family! 

The Coolest Gadget!!!

Here are my latest video I made in Australia-Perth and showing you all the Coolest Gadget!

All Down!!!

Sorry guys..... No free BMW Z4 to the lucky reader liao...
Reason is mu loto no kana lo......want to kana 3 number also do have.. apa lah 5nos! 
Haiya... really no luck to be millionaire here!!! Cilaka maybe I really have to look for a banana tree to ask the OZ Datokong for number liao ( suggestion by Bikemonkies ) 

How Bout AUD$1.8 Millions This Time!!!

Hahahaha...... No luck for the 40 millions yesterday!!! Never mind.... this time I got another lottery game the POWERBALL!!!!!! this is more easy one la but the prize also got a bit lower.... anyway also enough one too. This time is 1.8 millions oz dollars if exchange to Brunei also got BND$2.196.000!!! Not bad also right.... hehehe I'm so gila lottery here man, everyday also think about be a millionaire here liao!!!
So guys.... wish me luck! If this time I kana it I Swear, Guaranty,100% I'm going to buy a BMW Z4 to one of my LUCKY READER one!!!! Don't Play Play win a 2millions Z4 sub sub water la!!!!!

Right On Time!

Wah... so ngam one this time!!! New Apple Store open in the Perth City coming this Saturday man.... yahoo!!!As a Apple fans like me, I guaranty want to visit there....hehehe and try the new iPhone 4!!! ( If Got Lah)
Infect this is also the one of the reason I came to Perth too... I want to get a Ipad 3G. Yes is more cheaper then any shop who had sale in Brunei! It open at Saturday,26 June 2010. 9:00 a.m!!! So I think I have to be there very early in the morning!!!! Excited excited!!!  

40 millions Fly Away...... T.T

TIGER.LIM™ wake up already...... no more 40 millions dollars dream sudah!!! T.T
So no jadi staying in OZ for 40 years and every year spending one million....sign...
No even have a chance to win 3 number in roll... 
yala this is not my luck la... So Brunei... I coming back to see you again next week!

AUD$40,000,000,00 Waiting For Me Tonight!!!!

If the Lucky Angel fall on me tonight............. Wawawahahahhahahahahah 
The No:1 Broken~English Blogger become a 40 Millions Dollars Man Broken~English liao la hahahaha
Of coz la.... where got that easy to win one I know!! But got buy got win... No buy no win one la right!!
Even those no kena the number but once in the while DREAM DREAM to be a millionaire also siok right! I already plan what if I kena the number liao! I want to buy a big house with swimming pool  here, Jetski, big motorbike, buy this buy that...... buy buy buy!!!! after buying so many thing I still have 38 millions.... or is one year I spend one million.... that's mean I have to spend if for 40 years here!!! So by the time I already 70 years old....... (still haven't finish spending all the money!!!)
hahahahahhaha!!!! I gonna be rich soon!!!!!!

Cont..... this is the food my sister insist that me must try "Za Liong". In Brunei also have in Tasty Corner  

Good Morning Perth!!!

Yes..... me in Australia Perth now....... Arrived yesterday 5:30pm! This is my 1st trip together with my wife,baby and mother in law EAT AIR here!!. The weather here are so nice. day time is 21 degree here but when the night all drop to 5/7 degree!!! Is cold... taking also got smoke smoke one!!! hehehe siok ma!!!

This is my 1st SUNRISE in Perth with the 5 degree weather!!! woooo......

This is where I stay! My brother in law house la!!! So the No1 Broken~English Blogger came to Perth and talk to the OZ now!!! hahaha I wonder they all can understand my ENGLISH or not ha????? 

nice area here!!! quite and comfort!

How To Improve My English???

Front Page....

Breaking News

Special News at 8pm just now. I can't tell you all very detail about it better you watch the News at 10 later la! If you don't have RTB channel then you have to read the tomorrow News paper... sure every news paper front page is talking about it!!!

TIGER.LIM™ Please Help Me!!!!!

All right all right...... Here I Come To Save The Day!!!!
But how can I help??? I'm not a real super hero or have a super power one la.... or else I like the Hollywood movie one the "KICK ASS" guys and come to help you lo.
So what i the reason of this guy he need my help? 
I received his email and talk with him over the phone is about the place he stay every night there is bunch of gang and group people EVERY NIGHT drive their car and came to the Gadong shopping complex (which is in front of the food court there) and SHOW OFF their sound system!!! Each and every night they blasting their sound system SOOO LOUD even the building's door and window can vibrating somehow they play their music until Mid-Night..... Who can sleep under this situation kan!!!   This is really bad and over people's limit!!! So this man and the neighbor who stay at that area have suffering with this for couple of month already... and they do have report to the police station about this situation and the police also had come and check and also telling the GANGs/GROUPs to stop that party but once the police car had left of 5 minutes and then the party start over again!!!! SO this reader really hope that the Royal Brunei Police can really help the residents there and do something about it!!! Not just drive the Toyota Corolla to come here and flashing those blue lights on the car!!! 

So here are the video he took last night at 12.18am!!! As you can see there is more then ten cars over the car park everyone SIOK sendiri with they car sound system and never care about other people wanted to sleep or what!!! For a man already cannot stand with that kind of sound condition I believe is over more then 100db(decibel) What if they is some BABY need to sleep or a new born baby stay there too???
Do you think you baby can have a nice sleep too???
Lucky I wasn't stay there.... if my baby cry every night because of that... I sure and guaranty make that car park RAINING every night or whenever they come. How to rain??? easy la... by using water jet!!!!
 hahahah... see who can tahan la.... your sound system got water proof or my water got fire proof!!!

So watch the video here!!!

Health Research Part 2 Ouch....

Yes.... is part 2 the reason is because last week me and my mom we went there has no fasting so cannot taking our bloods sample! So this week have to go again la! Why I was chosen one? I also don't know! One of the lady there she told me that this research got 4000 people had chosen from age 5 to 75.
So this is a huge collect data and blood sample gonna do! 
I think I also need to go make a body check up every year from now. Coz we never know what is our body's condition from inside! Especially like us who stay in Brunei one Life good, Food good, Live Good and Car good everything also good lagi need to go check up! Don't wait until got stroke baru got see doctor.. then that is everything is too late liao.. walaupun the medical is cost you $1.00 ( which is consider free la ) but also don't play play with your health. Nasi Katok is $1.00, Medicine also $1.00 but doesn't mean you health also worth for 1 dollars too!

OMG........ this is Bad Bad Bad...... Alert...... Alert......Alert!!!!
I didn't know I was gained so much weight now! Must set a time table in the gym liao! 

She very good in Cucuk me....... Taking my blood la!


4 tubes.... she say my blood very good o..... very easy to come out!!! Of coz la.... long time no donate sudah!!! Almost over flow liao!!! ( don't think on other way Ok!!!)

Then after taking the 1st blood sample we have to drink a glass of this very sweet Ribena. Then taking blood again after 2 hours!!! I like Ribena since I was a kid... but this is the 1st time I drink so that sweet one! The reason why we have to drink this is because they want to check our body is that any problem of balance the blood sugar level. I remember when my wife pregnant my wife also got check this one... so now is my turn liao!     

So during the time we have to wait for 2 hours! we can sit down and watch DVD or.......

Reading magazine which not much choice....... or

Go around around the place see see look look their food display. Or..........

Taking a nap....... then after 2 hours sure got people to wake you up one. So after the 2 hours I have to OUCH.......... again!!!