All You Say One Lah.......

OMG...... like that also can ka???? Eat Shark Fin! Eat Sea Cucumber! Eat Otoro/Tuna! Eat Abalone! What ever the Asia people like to eat the Orang Putih sure come to complain and try to stop us to eat.
But oh...... if they like to eat the thing sea food you never see they come to stop one. example like Caviar, Oyster, Lobster, Giant Crap ah...... that one they always can eat one and never complain and stop themselves to eat! Then can you believe or not now they ADVISE people to eat LION FISH to SAVE THE ONCEAN???? Apa lah... you orang putih semua kau capak la!!! Cowboy-Indians all you act la!!! So what next? eat Clownfish to save the world la????