Here We Come Again

Ya ba ya ba...... Me know I long time no update my blog already. Sorry lo...... Coz I busy on doing somethings this few day ba...... anyway start from today I back to free time and senang can blogging again. So the 1st thing I want to tell you all is about the beach cleaning stuff! Coming this Sunday the Beach Bunch is gonna have another beach cleaning again at the Tungku Beach. TIME, DATE, PLACE all type below there. 
So any volunteer??? Come la join me there, bring your father-mother, brother-sister, uncle-auntie, ah kong-ah ma all come to join us clean up la! I promise to give you some joke over there!

Here we go again with Episode VII! Our 1st afternoon clean-up just right after noon!

Yes, we're aware of the timing and the possibility of heat of the day, hence it will be on the shaded part of Tungku Beach, i.e. on the left side of the beach as you enter from the main road. In terms of timing, we are still doing our 2hr collection and 1hr segregation and will need to sent the recycled wastes by 4.30pm due to the recycling centre closes around that time.
The norms get ready with for the clean-up:
~ Get your beach gear on! (Hats, sunglasses, sunblock, suitable footwear such as sportshoes or crocs)
~ Bring your cleanup gear! (Gloves, bio-degradable trash bags). We do have thongs for rent
~ Bring your own refreshments in reusable bottles & containers! (sandwiches, drinks)
~ Spread the word to save our environment! (Bring family and friends. If you cant make it invite others to come)
~ Stay a little longer to enjoy a cleaner beach! (Stick around after the cleanup and experience it first hand how nice it feels to be on a beach and swim in the sea without trash and pollution. Bring your picnic, frisbee, football or simply hang a hammock and read a book)