I have no idea of what is it all about but I only know a winner have won the price on that day. Read the news paper, local internet news and other blogger site all I see everyone talking about this. I wasn't invited by the BIBD to do the coverage this event but I was told to by my brother to help him to giving Q in the control booth so I also be a busy body to posts some picture here lah.  This event was held at the Rizqun Hotel. His Royal Highness Prince 'Abdul Malik as guest of honor presented the prize to the winner. 

So this is the view from the control booth to looking down the ballroom.

I was trying playing with my camera zooming. Surprisingly the Panasonic Lumix 10mp was not so bad even those is not a what DSLR camera. 

Me playing around with their CCTV in the booth and try to spot anybody that I know........

Hahaha....... finally I spotted someone I know. Guess who is this guy!!!!
Hey bro..... you didn't know you been SPY by me right!!!! 
hia hia hia hia hia hia hia...........

And you also Mark Ma!!!! Hia hia hia hia hia hia hia.........