What????? New Car Again???? Why I Don't Know One?????

Some time your family didn't communicate with us also not a bad thing coz you never know what is their next move. Like me today don't know why all of sudden someone send a new car to my house. At first i though maybe they want to ask me for other house located. But I was blur blur when the salesgirl pass me the car key........ I though that I kena lucky draw liao you know! Last last then I know is my brother bought this car for my parents to use one....... like that also can ka??? Infect my Mom and Dad know this long time already but just didn't mention nya...... My god like that also can happen man! Me already Cali-cali but I didn't expect that my parents also cali one...... maybe is run by the family one that I  didn't notice only! Hopefully my daughter don't follow us like that la! better follow her mother side!

Remember buy to big big oh!!!! 100 big 100 small. Don't play play

Don't ask me how much ok! coz I don't want to know also!

I'm not a Toyota Innova fans but I do like that color!

Is this make in Thailand ka????

Not bad la this Van....... suitable for family use.... So next time I can bring my 
Father, Mother, Sister, Borther in Law, Niece, Wife, Daughter and Mother in Law using this Van to go makan liao!!!!!

This photo is gonna be history. 
Wei Wei....later papa use this van to pick up Mami ok????