湯包/Tang Bao

Oh my oh my oh my.............. I found a good stuff that hiding inside the Ice-Box today!!! Someone had secretly hiding this Tang Bao in there diam diam don't want to let me know ya!!!! 
This Tang Bao is all the way from Shanghai. If you have try the Shanghai's Tang Pao and you know how delicious it is...... How is Tang Pao is sitting here? I'm gonna find out it later!

Why this Pao is named as Tang Pao? The reason is inside the Pao got SOUP!!! And you must eat it when is just come out from the steamer.... I tell you this Pao really don't play play with it! Cos the soup really really hot must be very careful while eating this, if not you are gonna burn your lips and mouth~
I'm not sure in Brunei here got people sell this in the restaurant or not but I ever try in Miri but it's wasn't that good! If you guys got ever try this Tang Pao in Brunei here please let me know where it got sell Ok!
I want to go try and review it!

 Ok... this is the frozen Tang Pao in the freezer.... See so classic some more using the bamboo to cover as a container! Is all the way from Shanghai you know.... Don't play play!

After steam it for couple minute and spread some spring onion on top, Walak...... is ready to serve. 

See also cannot tahan sudah.....

This is the beef version of Tang Pao! Just a little bit sweet but is still delicious!

Look at those Soup dripping not stop...yumm yumm....