Sunday Breakfast!

Is like that one lo..... Boring boring got nothing to do so drive down to Seria just to eat breakfast la! Ya la of coz not only me but also bring my wife,baby,sister and mother too! I know it sound crazy but what to do long time not eat the kolomee and fried kuah tiao.... so go there lo!
Anyway this is the 1st time I went down there in the morning+sunday..... wah full house man!!! I never see the Seria food court got full house one le. Find car park also took me 20 minute to look for it too!
We spend 5 hours all together from Bandar to Seria (makan) then Seria to KB (Sunday Market) then KB to Bandar! Then the 1st time I went home is SLEEP! 

SEE??? Full House man.... don't play play!!!!

What I ate? One Kolomee, One Fried Kuah Tiao! One time go!!!

Lady version of Bujang Lapok!
Pok Pok Pok........ Bujang Lapok...... Apa Macis Tak Ada Rokok!!!!