So Fast Now June Already!!!

Wah ha ha ha ha........ Time goes so fast!!! Now already June sudah oh!!! 
Don't play play...... I counted from this year 1-1-2010 until today 1-6-2010 I totally posted 197 posts( included this one you read) in my blog sudah!!! Think about it why I so busy body to post all this stuff here I so don't know!!! Maybe is because I am Busy Body Person who like to bising bising here and bising bising there..... but of coz have to thanks to you all who also Bersibuk-sibuk visit my blog too, with out you all supported and like my blog I think long time ago I already stop blogging sudah lo!
So thanks to you all.... and so today I make a video is about to look back what had I post in my blog for past 6 months! In this video you can see I had open all my posts... total 196 pages and yet still my Macbook didn't HANG!!!! Powerful leh....hehehehe (show off)
And also I had compose a song that play in this video! Maybe you people don't like it one la unless you are a music man like me la..hehehe ( show off again)
Thanks for watching!