Only Durian Can Do That!

Yes...... is true one! All around the world any kind fruit only this Durian THE KING of FRUIT has the right to do that! Do what??????? Rotten already still can sale! Open already still can sale! Got worm inside also still can sale! Right????? I sure many of you also have that experience right? When we buy the Durian Kuning, Durian Kahwin, Durian Putih Durian apa saja la from the road side or form tamu once we buy back home and open and saw it in bad condition but don't bring back to the seller and refund our money or exchange the Durian. 
Why ah????? why like that one ha???? Is that because of Durian is the King of fruit so that it have the special service la??? And that is why a Moldy Durian also now can place out for sale in the supermarket?

Yesterday me and my wife went to a supermarket and I saw the ONE AND ONLY durian place on the hut for sale. A Moldy Durian still have to cost for $13.55???? WTF!!! Like that also can ka??? OMG.... I wonder what are the thing are going to sale in future although it Out of Order or Out of Date!