I Hated Flyer!!!!!

Do you same same like me that hate to see the people put those flyer on your car wind screen or on the door there??? I really hate to see that one la..... I just don't know why if I saw my car got people put the flyer on my car kan.... Sure I feel that my car kena kacau liao!!! 
Some time you received the flyer also don't matching yourself one! What I mean is I'm a man but people put the Girl's staff flyer on your car!!! Hello..... what am I gonna do with that Paper???? So normally if people received what are they going to do with it? Spend a 5 second on the hand then buang it on the floor lo!!! Or else what we can do with that? It only waste the money and paper! Totally are not GREEN at all!!! Then if some time raining kan..... aiyo that one lagi worst!!! I really feel like want to call the company and marah them you know!!! So how this flyer only can create more rubbish in my car coz I not used to throw it on which where I park my car... The only way I put in the compartment until one day I cannot stand then I baru buang into the bin!!!
So start from today, I don't care whoever or which company/restaurant you from, if your staff put the flyer on my car or scooter again I'm going to Buruk your company/restaurant in my blog here.....I don't care!!!  you see la!!!!
Don't Play Play!!!

p/s: Is Ok you pass the flyer to me if I pass you by! But just don't put on my car!!! 

See this is how we do with the Flyer!!!!
No:1) Ignore.......

No:2) Put in the compartment until the Donkey Months coming!!!!

No:3) BUANG on the spot!!!!!

No:4) Origami