Don't Worry... Be Happy!!!!Still

Only one day...... Only one day!!! So if you don't want to join this big day then you better today early in the morning go fill up all your car fuel tank. If not tomorrow you go to filling station buy fuel then is too late sudah!
Still don't get what is it? This is the price from tomorrow 24th May 2010 all the fuel is gonna increase.
Example the ron 97 today is still 53 cents per liter then tomorrow is 98 cents  per liter liao! Then that's mean today you buy 10 dollars is 18.86 liter then tomorrow is 22 dollars is 18.86 liter.
Luckily is only for one day nya....  if is forever like that wa.... die liao die liao... everybody wallet gonna diet!!!! Imagine you average one month car fuel ( green color ) have to spent 300 dollars one.... so now have to spent 666 and above!!!! OMG!!!! It is a lot man!!! If this price forever like that I sure 100% many people start use motor or scooter liao.... How to tahan o??? Luckily I live in this beautiful and peaceful country. So we all should appreciate what we have now and don't play play to waste it!
So what are you waiting for again???? Go buy your car fuel now la!!!