De'Nail Lounge Soft Opening!

She have a great day!!!
 Who else lagi....? My wife lah....  I bring her to one of my friend's wife new shop today that having a soft opening. This also the 1st time I waiting for my woman to finish doing her NAILs.
I didn't expect it took more that 2 hours to finish! So man if you not a good patient person I advise you don't follow them to do the Nail stuff, just go shopping or wait at home watch DVD and once they are done Make Make Make Make Sureeeeeeeeeeeeee you say, Wah!!!! NICE O!!!!! Then everything will be fine!
Anyway.... my friend's shop " De'Nail Lounge Salon is located at Located at the Kg. Kiarong no:12 1st floor bangunan habza spg 150 which is just behind the Sim Kee Huat there la....
I never been to the any nail salon in my life and this is my 1st time. I didn't know that the salon are so steady one.... Got massage chair one o.... best la! No wonder the lady can tahan sit down there and doing the nails for 2 hours lah! How come the Indian Kedai Gunting don't have like that one??? If they also got do for man one, don't say 2 hours lah.... 5 hours I also sit there diam diam do the nail ah!!!!! 

So this is their shop located lah!!! LADIES is easy for you to find right????

And this their nail salon looks like! Very comfortable and relaxing!

One side for KAKI and.......

One side for Tangan!!!

Ok so this the chair i mention just now....... This chair are sooooooo cooollll!!!!!! 
It can massage you back, your neck and even your legs also can enjoy the Jacuzzi!!! COOL right!

Don't play play..... this chair really can put you to SLEEP!!!

I was so enjoying with the chair how I wish their service also available for men too!!! But too bad only for Women!!!

Honey...... hard to make a decision kah????

Please don't ask me what are those and I totally have no idea at all because I'm a man!
I only know the numbers, pay and shut up! 

All the tools are clean by this and 100% hygiene one....

 This is it!!! Nice or not?
So all the man if they ask you that please please please remember to say
" Wah... Nice oh..... Nice"
And it can save your LIFE!!!! Trust me! 
If not you gonna wait for another 2 hours for them to redo again walaupun you pay for it!!!!

Wah....... look at my sister's legs SOOOOOO sexy arh!!!!! hahahahah!!! 

So this is the location la.... every close to the Kiarong roundabout and behind the Sim Kee Huat supermarket. If you have any question about it please dial this number +673-2233362