Beach Bunch Visited The Brunei River

So what's up today?Nice Sunday....Nice Weather.... Nice Sea and River.... Hang around together with the Beach Bunch members went to the Brunei River and made some documentary and collect some data! Checking the river where and why there is so much rubbish around the region. Is it's fun sailing around the Brunei River but it also feel sad to see what we saw some place! Especially before we reach to the Water Village saw tons of rubbish lay one the river bank and having a nice sun bathing there!
Omg...... we really need to do something about it! Too bad this time we are not purpose to collect rubbish but only information and data! Maybe that's are the rubbish which floated all the way out to the Brunei Bay and the water current bring it back to the Beaches and that's why the Serasa Beach and Meranggan Beach are so much rubbish la!
Anyway.... doesn't matter where rubbish come from, the most important things is we must aware of this situation now! Must less down and stop people throwing the rubbish habit into the Brunei River now!

Teams and Members of the Beach Bunch

Please look at that...... See I no play play one... Is really serious now the river bank! 

Some how is really close to the secondary school and the mosque there's no way people can live under this kind of condition. 

I found a Prada hand bag!!!