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What Should We Do With The Old Flags????

I'm sure some of you also have the same question that I had but it just we don't know where to start and where to look for the answer! Am I right? Or I'm the only one jerk who think of that!
Anyway is true.... I always having that same problem it come to me every year! The reason is I don't know what to do with my old National Flag that at my home! The color of my flag almost faded out to one color..... especially the black color part still got 30% left on the flag!!! 

So what should I do about the Flag? 
As far as I know and I learn it from the primary school. We have to LOVE, RESPECT and stand STILL while the flag rising up to the pole! And we also learn that we shouldn't Steping, Cutting, Tearing,Burning or Throwing on any other country's flags.... Right??? 

So how? What should I do with the old Flag? 
Throw into the Bin....... Salah!!!, Burn at my back yard....... Salah lagi!!! Recycle the material into a T-Shirt??? Atu lagi salah....Sure kana masuk Jail!!!! 
Now already May, so another 2 months we have to hang up our national flags again. I really don't want to hang up the old faded flag again this year. So the only way is I gonna buy a new flag to hangs up.

But how??? What should I do the old faded flag?
Can't Burn, Can't Throw, Can't Tear and Can't Recycle but yet still need to RESPECT and LOVE it!
So my consents is........
Is there any department to taking care about the old faded or broken flags? Or maybe we can bring those flags to exchange the new one? Or maybe the book stall or shop can accept we bringing the flags over so buying the new flag got discount???
If not like that how? I really don't know how to do with the old/faded/broken flags!!!
I'm sure there is someone can think out an idea what should we do with the flags! If this things didn't going to solve it soon you and me going to see more and more and more those "Out Of Order" flags hanging up at the Special Day!

Ministry of Development Clean Up At Tungku Beach Feat Beach Bunch! 

Today this morning went to the Tungku Beach joining the Ministry of Development to help up them to clean up the beach area. Why I was invited also leh??? Becuase MoD had invited the Beach Bunch to join them too! Me also as a part of the member of Beach Bunch so I got invited too lo! It's really having fun there this morning and I see many people joining to clean up the place too! So happy to see more and more people consents about cleaning up the beach now. Of cause clean up our country is important thing to do but the most important things is influence the people not to simply throwing the rubbish that is more important! But never mind lah... slowly slowly one by one first we do now and I believe one day we can do it one... Hopefully we totally can see our Brunei Beaches guaranty 100% clean clean one one day!

So here are the pictures I took this morning... Don't play play, really got a lot people show up tu!! See...Minister also joining to clean up the beach sudah! what are you people waiting for come join us again this coming 23th May Beach Bunch is going to have another beach clean up at Tungku Beach again! For more info or joining us please click HERE to check it out dude! And I guaranty you sure having fun one! 

So Ladies and Gentlemen... Let's Rock and Roll'

Hj Mohd Rozan bin Dato Paduka Hj Md Yunos, Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Development interview by the RTB

They are the "Beach Bunch's Angels"
Don't play play with them oh...
 Their weapons very Powerful one tu!!!

How come I don't get this T-Shirt one???

This is the hardest places to clean up! Because all the rubbish is in the gap between each rock! It is really hard to pick up rubbish sometime we have to move inside the lobang and pick it up, or use a long thongs too! How I wish I have a big giant super vacuum machine to suck it up all the rubbish there!!!

So this is how we do and pick it up all the TREASURE in there!

Man can do and so can you!! Ladies look at the "Beach Bunch's Angels" Tak Mau kala the men! See what she had found in there!!!

Hey friends... you both come here for dating is it??? Look for the Treasures now lah!!

Everyone enjoy the day!

Ya la Ya la...... I know you are the only one who got the souvenir among us la... Show Off!!!