Sunday Breakfast!

Is like that one lo..... Boring boring got nothing to do so drive down to Seria just to eat breakfast la! Ya la of coz not only me but also bring my wife,baby,sister and mother too! I know it sound crazy but what to do long time not eat the kolomee and fried kuah tiao.... so go there lo!
Anyway this is the 1st time I went down there in the morning+sunday..... wah full house man!!! I never see the Seria food court got full house one le. Find car park also took me 20 minute to look for it too!
We spend 5 hours all together from Bandar to Seria (makan) then Seria to KB (Sunday Market) then KB to Bandar! Then the 1st time I went home is SLEEP! 

SEE??? Full House man.... don't play play!!!!

What I ate? One Kolomee, One Fried Kuah Tiao! One time go!!!

Lady version of Bujang Lapok!
Pok Pok Pok........ Bujang Lapok...... Apa Macis Tak Ada Rokok!!!!

So Fast Now June Already!!!

Wah ha ha ha ha........ Time goes so fast!!! Now already June sudah oh!!! 
Don't play play...... I counted from this year 1-1-2010 until today 1-6-2010 I totally posted 197 posts( included this one you read) in my blog sudah!!! Think about it why I so busy body to post all this stuff here I so don't know!!! Maybe is because I am Busy Body Person who like to bising bising here and bising bising there..... but of coz have to thanks to you all who also Bersibuk-sibuk visit my blog too, with out you all supported and like my blog I think long time ago I already stop blogging sudah lo!
So thanks to you all.... and so today I make a video is about to look back what had I post in my blog for past 6 months! In this video you can see I had open all my posts... total 196 pages and yet still my Macbook didn't HANG!!!! Powerful leh....hehehehe (show off)
And also I had compose a song that play in this video! Maybe you people don't like it one la unless you are a music man like me la..hehehe ( show off again)
Thanks for watching!

I Try It Last Night.......

I'm sure all of you only want to know HOW IS IT and HOW Much It it.....right???
Ok let me tell you la.... Price ok lah... Reasonable  in fact I think is cheaper then other steak house in Brunei!
Taste... Excellency. Really didn't disappointed me and my wife.... Is hard to find a steak house in Brunei if you told the waitress I want me steak in Medium Rare and it really come out with medium rare one! Either is still rare then or 10% left rare!!! This new open steak house the chef Kong Fu really not bad.
I love the food last night! We ordered Escargot, Grill Tenderloin Steak and Lamb Shank with drinks all less then Bnd$60.00. But if can little bit cheaper more better lah hehehe! 
Anyway I really like this place and the food and next time I want to try fried and pasta!!! See you soon!

I Hated Flyer!!!!!

Do you same same like me that hate to see the people put those flyer on your car wind screen or on the door there??? I really hate to see that one la..... I just don't know why if I saw my car got people put the flyer on my car kan.... Sure I feel that my car kena kacau liao!!! 
Some time you received the flyer also don't matching yourself one! What I mean is I'm a man but people put the Girl's staff flyer on your car!!! Hello..... what am I gonna do with that Paper???? So normally if people received what are they going to do with it? Spend a 5 second on the hand then buang it on the floor lo!!! Or else what we can do with that? It only waste the money and paper! Totally are not GREEN at all!!! Then if some time raining kan..... aiyo that one lagi worst!!! I really feel like want to call the company and marah them you know!!! So how this flyer only can create more rubbish in my car coz I not used to throw it on which where I park my car... The only way I put in the compartment until one day I cannot stand then I baru buang into the bin!!!
So start from today, I don't care whoever or which company/restaurant you from, if your staff put the flyer on my car or scooter again I'm going to Buruk your company/restaurant in my blog here.....I don't care!!!  you see la!!!!
Don't Play Play!!!

p/s: Is Ok you pass the flyer to me if I pass you by! But just don't put on my car!!! 

See this is how we do with the Flyer!!!!
No:1) Ignore.......

No:2) Put in the compartment until the Donkey Months coming!!!!

No:3) BUANG on the spot!!!!!

No:4) Origami

No Money No Money But You!!!

Why me No Money But You??? Watch this  TIGER.LIM™ new video then you know liao!!!

Beach Bunch Episode VII @ Tungku Beach

Alright...... It was a beautiful Sunny Sunday at the Tungku Beach. I think I prefer doing the Beach Cleaning at the afternoon then in the morning. The reason is I love the moment in the end of the event. Coz you can sit back and relax watching the beautiful sunset on the beach!!! You don't believe??? See the picture I took down there!
Thanks to the 82 volunteer from Daikyo Environmental Recycling, Science College, Pg Isteri Hjh Mariam Secondary School, Energy Division, Malai Mashor; Swiss Hotel Apartments, Manjaro Restaurant, and all the Beach Bunch member! Special thanks to Pilihan FM for featuring Beach Bunch and also thanks to Mr.Giap On sponsoring the foods.
Thanks to you all we had collected 317 General Wastes, 51kg Plastic Bottles and 7.5kg of aluminum in 2 hours of on a space 500m.


DANGER.......DANGER!!!!! Rano finally spotted me and he took a shot of me 1st on the tungku link highway when I on my way to Tungku Beach for the Beach Bunch cleaning! Now the "I spotted You" game between me and Rano has become TIGER 2- 1 Rano. but never mind I still leading him.... Click here to see see look look Rano post la. I hated the 1st photo he took of me! coz my spare tyre are too ugly. Need to do some diet liao! 

Don't Worry... Be Happy!!!!Still

Only one day...... Only one day!!! So if you don't want to join this big day then you better today early in the morning go fill up all your car fuel tank. If not tomorrow you go to filling station buy fuel then is too late sudah!
Still don't get what is it? This is the price from tomorrow 24th May 2010 all the fuel is gonna increase.
Example the ron 97 today is still 53 cents per liter then tomorrow is 98 cents  per liter liao! Then that's mean today you buy 10 dollars is 18.86 liter then tomorrow is 22 dollars is 18.86 liter.
Luckily is only for one day nya....  if is forever like that wa.... die liao die liao... everybody wallet gonna diet!!!! Imagine you average one month car fuel ( green color ) have to spent 300 dollars one.... so now have to spent 666 and above!!!! OMG!!!! It is a lot man!!! If this price forever like that I sure 100% many people start use motor or scooter liao.... How to tahan o??? Luckily I live in this beautiful and peaceful country. So we all should appreciate what we have now and don't play play to waste it!
So what are you waiting for again???? Go buy your car fuel now la!!!

4D Also Got Adverb Wo.......

Wa.... like that also have ! This is the 1st time I watch the 4D advert but of coz not in the Tv one la only in Youtube. I'm sure you also like me and never watch before!

Tiger Cheated By Tiger

Mahai...... I cheated by Tiger yesterday! I will never ever going to buy this Tiger Peanut Cream biscuit anymore! See the picture below and you know what I mean already!!!
Cut cost also not need to be like that one ma!!!!! In the center of the peanut cream also want to korek out the cream just for cutting the cost! Only a little bit of cream nya ma.... like take also want to cut too! 
So Kiamsiap one! business not good also not need like that gua!!! Mahai really!!!!

Only Durian Can Do That!

Yes...... is true one! All around the world any kind fruit only this Durian THE KING of FRUIT has the right to do that! Do what??????? Rotten already still can sale! Open already still can sale! Got worm inside also still can sale! Right????? I sure many of you also have that experience right? When we buy the Durian Kuning, Durian Kahwin, Durian Putih Durian apa saja la from the road side or form tamu once we buy back home and open and saw it in bad condition but don't bring back to the seller and refund our money or exchange the Durian. 
Why ah????? why like that one ha???? Is that because of Durian is the King of fruit so that it have the special service la??? And that is why a Moldy Durian also now can place out for sale in the supermarket?

Yesterday me and my wife went to a supermarket and I saw the ONE AND ONLY durian place on the hut for sale. A Moldy Durian still have to cost for $13.55???? WTF!!! Like that also can ka??? OMG.... I wonder what are the thing are going to sale in future although it Out of Order or Out of Date!