What's Goes Around, It's Comes Around!

Is true.... what's goes around it's comes around. I remember 12 years ago I use like to go Yahoo chat room with some Hong Kong and Canada net friends to kick some people there. We always kacau people  in the Karaoke chat room there. whoever sing good or sing bad also "F" by us. Even those we been "KICK" out from the room but still came back and use another user name to kick their ass! But after two months Yahoo had closed down the Chat room due to the reason too much "F" and "S" there..... We not only went to the Chinese channel chat room but also Orang Putih room too... Chinese we "F", Orang Putih we "F" even the Japanese one we also "F" even those we don't know how to speak Japanese but still keep on said "PAKAYARO" to them hahaha....... At the time I do feel cool and kambang of doing that! Don't know why I like to doing that with the net friends in there but just feel happy and fun with it. Cause the other person never know who we are and never gonna meet us too! So we just like to "F" anyone we likes! 
Hahaha..... now I almost 40 years old (3 more year to go lagi lah) and think about it and it feel like just happen on yesterday.  Time gone so fast lah.... But never mind la age it just a number doesn't matter how I look but inside of me still younger then a lot of people out there! 

Anyway after so many years already I had "F"ed so many people in the net and now is time all this "S" is back to me! hahahah.... Some people just like me when I was young the time and came to my blog and  "F" me here. Totally, Exactly the same thing what I did last time! hahaha.... I believe everyone here has their right to show what's their like and dislike. Which is just as same as like me, I totally don't like "Britney Spear" no matter how good she sang, dance and look. I just don't like her!!! I always call her "Bitchy Slut" whenever I heard her song in the radio or TV. But but but but but..... the funny things is I still know how to sing her song!!! So is also the some thing to those people don't like my blog, articles, video and comments but but but but but....... still came here to read my blog!!!!!
If you ask me do I mad about all this "S" sorry I'm not. Cause I'm still the winner due to you came to visit my blog even those no matter how much you dislike me and my blog!

So guys..... Believe me! What's Goes Around It's Comes Around one...... hahaha!!!