TIGER.LIM™ Kolomee.......

Yesterday me bring my mother go round round and buy things for the prying. So when we went to Kedai Lim Seck Chong there I saw this Old School chinese bowl. It remind me the Kolomee I ate in Seria town when I was a little boy. So you know my style is once I want to do I no say no one.... Then I buy two of them and this morning I make a very special Kolomee for me and my father! I named this as TIGER.LIM™ Kolomee!!! Ingredients -Noodles, Fish Balls, Minced Chicken, Sayur, Overnight Fired Chicken, Overnight Satay and Chicken Chop!!!! 
My my my....... How good is it??? I give myself priceless with it! Cause you won't find this dish in anyway else only in TIGER.LIM™ here! I wonder how much it cost if I open a restaurant and selling with this! Would you guy come to try ka? hahahah!!!