Richard Billyham.......

Remember last week I posted this "What goes Around It comes around"? Inside the article I had mention that me and some Hong Kong friend always like to "F" people in the Yahoo Chat room and we always kick out from the room and come back by using other name? Now let me introduce you my friend here( I don't think he still remember me or not la ) 
His name is Richard. We used to call him LukChat 碌柒. Then after some time he named himself as Richard Billyham it mean "碌柒俾你含" 
(sorry I don't how to explain in English but something like "Blockhead For You To Suck") 
After so many year I finally found his link and I post it below there. Just click the here and go to his link and you can read what had he done for the past and listen the song he sang. 
No wonder I can't find him after the Yahoo Chat room had closed down. He went to the Taiwan Yahoo Chat room and continue and kicking the Taiwanese 'S'. He became more famous in the Taiwan Yahoo Chat room and the people there call him as "Small Hot Dog"《小香腸》but of cause he been banned again but in the chat room but also Youtube the reason is because of the song he sang contain abusing the Taiwan woman. But surprisingly his song still continue posted in Youtube by other fans! No matter how dirty the lyrics is still got people like to listen his song.... So funny!!! 

Sorry for no English version for about Richard Billyham's link! but only a little bit of he mention himself la. Click here to his blog! Then I know he is a Malaysian. All this time I though his is a Hong Kongnese man!!!!

Click here to read this!

And click here to listen his song!!!