The New iPhone 4th Generation Found In The Bar!!!!

OMG...... Like that also can happen!!! Is that the Apple new style to release they new iPhone or what? This is ridicules.. I wonder who is the one to left the phone in the Bar!!! Sure this time he die liao.
This thing remind me back to last year in China one of the guy he work with the company which make iPhone to Apple one. This guy is in charge to send the new 4th generation prototype iPhone to US. But he had lost few unit of that! But guess what!!! this guy had die fell down from his apartment after few day! Many people believe his died is involve with the iPhone. So now on the other part of the world which is in USA a new iPhone found in the Bar which claimed Lost and Found, do you think this you thing are connected??? We never known!!!!!!
If you want to know how the iPhone lost chick here to to find out!